Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lloyd, That Outfit You Wore, Was Some HELL -TO -THE- NAW!!!!!!!!

*Sighs and shakes my damn head* In the picture below, Lloyd was donning a grey base ball jersey with a red hat, frayed camouflage pants with blue sneakers, and blue stripe tube socks! (Blinks eyes) What the funnel cake were you were wearing in this picture, Lloyd? The reason I'm rehashing this picture is, because you're going to be gracing 106 N Park with your presence next week. I just hope you don't plan on wearing another wack ass get-up similar to this one in the photograph below! In this picture, it only shows the top half of you sporting the jersey and that hat, but if viewers see the rest of your drobe' they'd have a field day too! I'm a big fan of yours, Lloyd, nonetheless. But there are some things I can't overlook. I can't gloss over my thoughts! I must unlock and express them! A true fan is going to tell you the truth, no matter what! LOL Man..you had a lot of activity going on in that outfit LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You looked like you were going fishing and duck hunting, while playing base ball for the Dodgers! LMAOOOOOOOO! And that hat...-_- you should donate it to Bruno Mars! Cuz' that hat is too tiny to accommodate your long ass head! LMAOOOOO! Of course you resemble your long lost grand pappy, Sammy Davis Jr, but jeez...he never wore a hat that was too small for his cranium! PLEASE take notes! LMAOOO! Dude, you own three estates. One in Atlanta, LA, and New Orleans. I know you're as frugal as a five cent imitation snickers bar, but you CAN invest in a stylist. Whatever happened to Tameka Foster? She suited and styled you for Monique's show. Do you need a friendly reminder, Mister Beaks?! lol You need to put her on your pay roll EXPEDITIOUSLY! *In my Joe Clark voice* IT'S YOUNG GOLDIE BABY!!!!!!!!!!

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Lloyd Interview + Live Performance on the... by mariobarrettus

Much better! Now, hire Tameka! I hope you didn't lose her number, because if you did, you should either tweet her or ask Usher for it! lol


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