Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What the Cow Bell?! Noooooooooo! LOL! looked handsome on 106 N Park yesterday, but dear, your jacket is a cataclysmic NO! NO! LMAO! Your jacket looks like you robbed a sofa! WHAT?! And from what I've viewed on Whitney's blog, that sweater costs $1,790. Now, that's some hell 'naw right there! *In my Bernie Mac voice* There just isn't enough yarn in the world! Shit, I could have knitted you a better sweater for free! Lloyd, you never cease to amaze me with your over-top attire. LOL! Do you still speak to Tamika? What happened? You need to keep her number on speed dial. You should create a category specially for her in your phone! That sweater took away from your masculinity, Lloyd! I love your swag, but dang, lose the sweater. Better yet, you should donate that sweater and that ugly ass red hat you love so much lol. I like the way you dressed when you were the "Southside & Streetlove Lloyd." I'm all about evolution, but ewww! I hope you kept those clothes you wore in the last two pictures below! LOL! Yeah, you need another reminder, Mister Beaks. Take notes! It's Young Goldie Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That jacket smells suspect! *Holds my nose*

MUCH BETTER! (Please see pics below)

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