Monday, October 3, 2011

My Review of "I'd Rather Be Single"

I had a great weekend reading this fabulous book. It's comprised of four juicy hood tales that were co-authored by LaShonda Devaughn, Mimi Renee, Tysha, and Kaie Golson.

The first story, "The Skeletons In My Closet" written by LaShonda Devaughn (best selling authoress of A Hood Chick Story I and II) is about a young struggling young woman named Tyra, who's sick and tired of just "getting by" She has a live-in boyfriend named, Rodney, who just can't seem hold up his end of the bargain, but he loves her despite of her sordid past. Not only does Tyra leaves him, but she meets and befriends a gold digging harlot named, Rossyln who schools her about how to snag rich athletes. But what Tyra doesn't realize is that, all this may explode in her face!

The second story, "Taking Chances" written by Mimi Renee. Rita is a 36 year old divorcee and mother of two teenagers, who takes a chance on getting her groove back with a young ruffian named, Kenneth, who's ten years younger than she is. Not only is she taking a chance with a Crip gang member, but she may end up facing the repercussions of her decisions after all.

The third story, "Something In His Backstroke" by Tysha. Now, I must admit that I find the title of this story hilarious! And furthermore, the story is amazing. Jai finds herself competing with the hood rat who her has extramarital affairs with. And she just can't seem to kick him to the curb. Jai is doing everything within the core of her soul to keep her marriage from tumbling down the heels. But will she finally relinquish the back stroke for perpetual happiness?

And last but not least, "Sleeping with the enemy" by Kaie Golson. The title alone should make anyone with a possibly suspect partner run for the heels. Zoe thinks she's finally found the perfect man of her dreams until she receives the shock of her life! Her adult film director boyfriend does a lot more than direct....adults.

I give this book four kudos up. Much respect to all the writers for keeping me attentive through out this book. I look forward to reading more of your works, individually. So, folks, if you're looking for a good read, I suggest you purchase your copy of "I'd Rather Be Single" because if you're already having second thoughts about your significant other, now's the time to purchase the book and RUN FOR THE HEELS! LOL

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