Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's New in My Neighborhood?

Ok, so I think my dream of coming Atlanta will be coming to fruition at all. Yep, it's been three years in counting since I've been wanting to come to Atlanta--to live. So, with that being said, stay tuned for more endless possibilities. :-) Bossladywriter

Hey DJ - "World's Famous Supreme Team"

Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Be Bop 1982 (Special Disconet R.E.M.I.X.)

Afrika Bambaataa- "Looking for the Perfect Beat"

Extra T'S - E.T. Boogie

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Jimi Hendrix Experience If 6 Was 9

R&B Singer Lloyd Has a Crazed Manical Stalker on His Hands..Eeeek!

R&B Singer Lloyd has a stalker on his hands and her name is Brianna. What is this handsome man to do? Find out in "Lloyd Tube" soon! :-) Bossladywriter

How Many of You Would Like to See the R&B Singer Lloyd in Person?

How many of you would like to see the R&B Singer Lloyd in person? I know I do. I mean, I already saw him in person before and would love to see him in person again. So while waiting for that day to arrive again, I wrote short erotic fantasy story about him a few years ago. And I recently decided that I might write and release a series on "Lloyd Tube" instead of a one-time brief story. Maybe. But...we'll see. In the meanwhile, I'm working on the story and it will be released on Amazon VERWY VERWY soon (In my Elmer Fudge voice). Stay tuned, loyal readers. :-) Bossladywriter

R&B Singer Lloyd Featured in Upcoming Erotic Book

Yes, you read it correctly. Lloyd is featured in my erotic fantasy novella entitled, "Lloyd Tube" and of course, it's ALL fiction. Here's an unedited excerpt from my upcoming ebook "Lloyd Tube" it will be available on Amazon soon. Stay tuned, readers. :-) Chapter 1.) Freaky Fun Friday Fuck Fest Interrupted…. Brianna finally arrived home from work. It was six o’clock on a Friday morning and she was tired out of her mind. She took off her coat, threw it on the floor, and flopped down on her sofa. She had worked a double shift at “Maverick’s Donut” Factory. Brianna worked there as a factory employee for three years. She was in dire need of a vacation and she hadn’t had one in six months. Due to the shortage of workers, she had to work double shifts every single day. If only she had the opportunity to laze around her apartment for one day with no clothes on, she would be ecstatic to the 25th power. She removed her shoes and massaged her size thirteen feet. Standing on her feet for fifteen and a half hours left her feet looking soggy and wrinkled. Her feet reeked of corn chips and Sauerkraut. She scrunched her face at her odorous feet. Thankfully her feet weren’t hideous looking. She needed a quick me pick up and the only things that could sooth her mind and body was a stiff drink, a warm bubble bath and Lloyd’s music. Brianna walked to her bathroom and started disrobing. By the time she was fully naked, she turned on the boom box that was sitting on the toilet top. She pressed “Play” and Lloyd’s “One For Me” came on. She looked in the mirror and grimaced at what she saw. The bags under her eyes were so huge, they made her look like she was crying. Her naturally coily hair looked like a disarrayed field of cotton. It’s no wonder some of the passengers gave her a disapproving look on the bus earlier. “Damn I need a vacation Pronto!” She thought. If she only had the opportunity to spend the whole day with Lloyd, she would be the happiest woman on the universe. She walked to her tub and turned on the water. She reached for the generic brand dish detergent and poured it in the warm water. She put her hands in the water to make suds.Once the water was sudsy, she put one foot in the tub at a time and sat in the water. As soon as she sat down in the bubbly water, she inhaled the lemon scent of the dish detergent. The stress slowly lifted itself from her shoulders. If she had the freedom to expend her whole day in the bathtub, she would jump through hoops to do it. She had “One for Me” on repeat. That was her favorite track on Lloyd’s “Street Love” album. Brianna loved herself some Lloyd. That man could croon her from sea through shining sea. “Lord have mercy. I would give my left kidney to share this sensual bubble bath with Lloyd’s sexy ass.” She said to herself. Brianna didn’t have many friends. In fact her friends didn’t see what she saw in him. They complained about how dangerously obsessed she was with him. She really didn’t care about their Lloyd bashing opinions though. She’s been infatuated with Lloyd since she first saw his “You” video featuring Lil Wayne. Lloyd had her mind blown and he became her sedative ever since. She opened her thighs to invite the bubbly water into her sweet Queendom. The bubbles accepted her invitation and traveled until they were nestled inside causing her to arch her back in ecstasy. Her mind started to wander and her eye lashes fluttered like a butterfly in the wind. Suddenly,she felt her leg rise. She wasn’t lifting her own leg though. The help from a strong hand was lifting her leg. She sat up in the tub and saw Lloyd massaging her calf. She gasped so hard, she almost swallowed her tongue. Lloyd grabbed her heavy hand and slowly pulled her two-hundred-sixty pound, six foot two inch frame towards his and said, “Girl you’re like my favorite song. I want to turn you on and make love to you all night long.” Brianna was beyond speechless. She was shook up! She was picking her brains on what to say next but she was shocked out of her senses. Lloyd wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her lips. His lips were soft like a baby’s behind. He started kneading her nipples with his thumbs until they were hard like stones. He grabbed her left breast and wrapped his lips around her whole areola. He ravenously sucked and slurped on it trailing his tongue down to her hard nipple. He circled her nipple with his long tongue causing her to moan softly. He sucked her nipple until the point of no return and he gave her right breast the same V.I.B (Very Important Breast) treatment. Lloyd wrapped his arms around her curvy frame and he started sucking on her neck. He guided her body onto his pelvic area and inserted his spongy rod inside of her. She was bouncing on his rod as if sex was going out of style. They were panting and breathing heavy until she thought she heard a knock on her bathroom door. She tried to ignore the knock but the person behind it wouldn’t relent. Suddenly she jumped and Lloyd was nowhere in sight. Bossladywriter

Monday, May 14, 2012

Find Out Where I'll Be Next! :-)

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