Saturday, November 28, 2015

Life, Impending Motherhood, and More Books to Come

Hello, readers.

It's been ages since I blogged. I've had to tie up a few loose ends and get settled at my new corporate job. I'm also an expectant mother and I'm almost four months pregnant. My fiance and I are hoping for a little girl but we're happy with a having a healthy child either way. I haven't been writing for a while but I am in the process of releasing a new book in 2016 while launching a legitimate work-from-home business. I will admit that a few ideas were upended due to limited finances but things are gradually looking up now. Not only am I a mother-to-be, I'm a former Hebrew Israelite, proud womanist, self-published author, and a budding entrepreneur. It is amazing how life can change over a course of a year. I've been homeless, I've dealt with unscrupulous publishers, and I've worked meager paying jobs that barely covered my living expenses. All of this has been a learning experience and now that I am embarking  on a new milestone as a parent, my perspectives about certain areas will continue to alter. In the interim, I plan to release another book that I like to allude to as a semi-autobiographical novel. It is similar to my first release "Ebony the Beloved" but it will touch on misogyny and black supremacy in the pro-black community. For some of you haven't bought a copy of my book "Why I Abandoned the Hebrew Israelite Religion: A Memoir/Self-help Guide," I suggest you order your copy today. It is free on Amazon for a limited time so hurry and get while it's FREE. This is actually my first memoir and now that I am taking a stronger stance on women's rights, equality, and women in leadership, my goal it pen and publish more books that will encompass gender, race, sociopolitical, and socioeconomic subjects. However, I won't fully deviate from writing fiction books and that is one of the reasons why I don't like pigeonholing myself a writer because there is so much I wanna say and I'm a very diverse writer. Therefore, the story lines I create will be versatile and unparalleled. I may write a book about a feminist who single-handedly  takes down one of the most powerful Fortune 1000 companies in the world to writing about a retired Vietnam Vet who kills and feeds his own grand kids to his hogs, who knows? When time permits, you guys will be one of the first readers who I will notify about my forthcoming releases. Stay tuned and thanks for your continued support.