Thursday, February 14, 2013

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Constipation Blues (1969)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ladies, PLEASE Beware of The Horny Howling Werewolf in Sheep' s Clothing, Elyah Israyah Muse

Aaaaaah! It's so refreshing to be back on the blogging scene again. YAAAASSSS! yours truly is making a come back and I am making an EPIC come back with a BIG FAT BANG - I will be exposing and disposing of more people in my upcoming novel, The Bold and the Ugly Truth, and on this blog more than you can shake a stick at. The first creep I'll be exposing and disposing of is Elyah Israyah Muse. To make a long story short, one of my dearest friends is a sista who was slated to marry him until he told her that he and she had no future together, because he said she didn't "satisfy" him. Well, when they first got together, they both agreed to engage in sexual intercourse after they marry, but unfortunately this "man" had a lustful agenda of his own. Basically, he told her everything she wanted to hear just so he can stick his pencil in her sharpener and toss her away like pencil shavings. My friend was ready to spend the rest of her life with this "man" and she believed in her heart that he was the one. Keep in mind, Elyah is an alleged Moreh (minister) he ministers to Hebrew Israelites about altering their lives and turning away from inequities and complying with the statutes, laws, and commandments that are in the bible. However, he vowed to never hurt my friend nor break his promises to Yah. Unfortunately, all of the things he promised were all LIES! All he cares about is getting his lustful rocks off and eating his cake at the same time. He puts on this holier-than-thou facade just so he can do his worldly deeds behind closed doors. So, Elyah, can you answer these questions? What kind of minister asks his future wife to watch porn with him so she can learn how to perform proper sexual acts in the bedroom? And why would you tell her to disregard the scriptures about fornication being a sin when you supposedly speak against it to your minions? And why would you block her from both of your Facebook accounts for snapping on you when you're the one who broke up with her on the Sabbath, because she refused to have sex with you before marriage? You're not a man! You're a STINKING coward and a deceiver! Not only did you break my friend's heart, but you are spiritually and mentally corrupt. You're also a lying crook and that's why I'm exposing you to the 120th power! You don't deserve a woman like my friend and she doesn't need a man who's going to lead her away from Yah's words. Not only do you give people in the Hebrew Israelite walk a bad name, but you're also turning people away from this walk! You should be ashamed of yourself and Yah will deal with you accordingly! To all the ladies who are in the Hebrew Israelite walk, if you ever encounter a man named, Elyah Israyah Muse, RUN FOR THE HILLS. He pretends that he's the man of the scriptures, but he's nothing more than a big, bad, horny, howling werewolf in sheep's clothing! Again, when you see his good-for-nothing ass, RUN FOR THE HILLS! All he wants to do is break your bed in and penetrate you. If you sleep with him and do not comply with his demands, the only thing he'll leave on your sheets is his ass print. Thankfully, my friend didn't lay down with him and even though she's distraught about the way he treated her, she will not be one of his slutty sex slaves. I have embedded a video of him giving one of his many scriptural lessons below. Again, BEWARE of his charlatan, ladies.