Friday, August 24, 2012

ufus Thomas - The Preacher And The Bear

Creatively Marketing Your Book

I will first say, but I am not marketing maven. But I will share my own marketing experiences. It took me a while to figure out why I wasn't booking a number of interviews for my book. Well, I was booking them, but not as much I am now. Most new writers know their target audience but they do not know how to narrow it down the core. What I mean by that is, writers have to see their book in a nutshell. I suggest that all authors know their audience before they approach them. This is something I had to figure out the hard way. Blogtalkradio is a good way to get the ball rolling. For example, my book is urban fiction, but it is also contemporary fiction, and it is about domestic violence, bullying, and child abuse. I approach Blogtalkshow radio hosts who speak about domestic violence by entering “domestic violence” in the search engine, and that’s how I find results. Authors can also check out other author’s websites and see where they’ll be doing their next book signings and follow suit. For example, if you have a favorite author you admire, you can Google them and put “interview” next to their name, and you will see the sources they were interviewed by, and you contact those same sources about interview opportunities. Advertising is another good method. Authors can check out book adverts such as, AALBC, Urbania, and other related websites that offer these services. Now, I’m aware that many others cannot afford to pay for advertising. So, they can check out a particular website entitled, “Independent Authors Index”. It is one of the most inexpensive websites authors can utilize, and the owner does a great job at promoting authors on Twitter. Last but least, authors do not have to limit themselves to book websites, they can visit their favorite and popular gossip blogger or web personality and inquire about a book review by them, too. Researching, networking, and going out of the box are a new author’s top three best friends. I hope this helps.