Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Author Latisha Patterson's "Airing Out Dirty Laundry"

I'm presently reading Latisha Patterson's, "Airing Out Dirty Laundry." is the ATOMIC BOMB! Yas! It's about five female friends who has doesn't have any problems that your mother, sister, and aunt haven't experienced. This book is filled with drama and dirty laundry galore!! You can find the novel on Amazon. (click link). I should
done reading it by Friday. The next book I'll be reading is Shakara Cannon "This Can't Be Life" (which is also available on Amazon ) Once I complete Latisha's book, I will give a full review about it by the latter of this week.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Book Reviews for K. Reid and Valarie Carey Have Been Published on Yahoo's Associated Content!!

Check them out, folks!!

My New Avon Store

Greetings again, folks!

In the previous post, I stated that my Avon Store is now available and that I'll be providing it's URL. Welp, here it is: The holidays are approaching, and I'm sure you'll find something you like. Guys, you can shop here too! Don't be shy. *Winks*


I'm a new Avon Consultant

Hello, folks!

I signed on this morning and I received an email notice that I'm a new Avon consultant. So, if any of you would like to purchase anything for yourself, friends, or loved ones, you can browse my new Avon store. It will be available 24/7. I'll provide the URL shortly. Thanks a bunch. :-)


Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm a BONA FIED hustlerette

Yes, I'm a new Avon consultant, authoress, book review, and journalist. Things are finally about to look up. I'm loving what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Next Wednesday, I'm going to have my first book signing. Ordering business cards are in the works. I'm just waiting until my 24/7 Avon store is up and running before I place an order through Vista Print. Book flyers are ready. I just have to make more copies. The flyers will be handed out on the day of the event! And my books will be shipped to my address this week! I'll also be conducting a production demonstration on Saturday. Man..I am going to be super DUPER busy! Things are finally looking up and I'm on the brink of epic success! All of this qualifies me as a BONA FIED hustlerette. In the interim, you can check out my novel here, Aziza Publishing

My novel is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million for $13.99. Thanks a bunch!


Please Support These Amazing Authors

Please show your support for K. Reid. She is the Author of Fat Kills (Click link) This book is for people are aficionados of Suspense. The book only costs $15.00. If you're unwilling to spend money on the paperback, you can still purchase the ebook on Kindle. It's only $3.99.

Valarie Carey is the author of, TOTM (Time of the Month) (Click Link). It's an essential planner for women and young girls who are in still in their child bearing years, and are still menstruating. If you experience excruciating cramps and/or different irregular "emotionalities," this is book should be your second bible.


My New Services for Authors and Entrepreneurs.

Hello, people!

I'm now doing book reviews and interviews for upcoming authors and entrepreneurs.I'm charging new authors $10.00 for reviews and I'll place them via my social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Associated Content, Amazon, and my Facebook fan page). The same rule applies to entrepreneurs who are looking to garner more exposure for their business(es). They pay $10.00 for an interview and/or product review. The turn around is a week. These prices are unbeatable and the exposure is unlimited.

Interviews are $10.00
Reviews are $10.00

If you're comfortable with paying a nominal fee, by all means, email me Or you can tweet me @Bossladywriter. Thanks a bunch!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

September 7th Book Signing

Hello, Minions

I'm going to have my first book signing on Wednesday, September 7th. I'll be autographing and selling books to other Avon reps/attendees. I am BEYOND excited! If you're an Avon rep, or you know an Avon rep who's going to be in the South Florida area, tweet me @Bossladywriter or email me @ I don't have the location of the book signing yet, but I will have it next week. Once I have it, I will provide it. I think it will be held in the Ft. Lauderdale are. However, I'll have definitive details next week. :) Ok..enough rambling about that lol. Any who, forth coming book signings at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million, are in the works. I will be at a local Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million near you. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!! Muaaah!

The Domestic Violence Cause and Avon

I'm currently networking with Avon representatives to help promote The Domestic Violence Cause as well as my novel. My novel correlates with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. I will be a brand new Avon representative next week. So, if any of you are an Avon aficionado, you can place your order(s) through my Avon store. I will provide the URL to my store this upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday. If any of you would like to help me foster the Domestic Violence cause, you can tweet me
@Bossladywriter or you can email me at: Thanks a bunch!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Book Review of Valarie Carey's "TOTM (Time of the Month)

Ladies, if you feel cranky, solemn, sad, irritable, grouchy, or depressed during your time of the month, I prescribe Valarie Carey's "TOTM (Time of the Month) It's The Essential Planner for Girls and Women of all Ages. It's the second edition and it runs from June 2011-December 2012.

Valarie isn't a doctor, but she's one of five daughters and she's a mother. She's been menstruating for 26 years and she speaks from personal experience. She advises all women to consult with their physician, mother, sister, grandmother, or aunt. :)

This book contains a calendar, the holidays, as well as cute stickers describing your mood(s) during your Aunt Flow's unwanted presence. lol

When you read this book, it will help you communicate more effectively with your mother and it may help your father and brother(s) understand that Time of The Month. The food and drinks she suggests during your cycle, are very healthy and tasty. Not only does this book helps you understand your Time of the Month better, it gives tips about how to make your time of the month less crampy. Kudos to Valarie!

Copies can be purchased here: AMAZON (Please click the link)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Book Review of Authoress, K. Reid's novel, "FAT KILLS"

Man…oh man! I couldn’t put this book down. I don’t want to divulge all the goods of the book because if any of you want to purchase the book (And you should) I don’t to spoil it for you. I’m going to go ahead and take a nose dive into the book without landing on my face. Alright, here it goes!

Mia Nickole Rose is a 24 year old attractive, curvaceous, and ambition young woman. She’s a Copy Editing supervisor for, "The Metro” Newspaper in Washington DC’s Metropolitan area. And she has a loving boyfriend named, Eric who loves her to smithereens. Like many people who are overweight, Mia receives jeers and derisive remarks about her size, but she doesn’t allow it to rupture her spirit. Asides from being a full figured woman, she has powerful, Grammy winning vocal chords, that has landed her a slew of singing gigs. However, she is still inundated with financial woes. And she lives hand to mouth from a pay check that barely covers her household and school loan expenses. Mia does part-time singing gigs to financially assist her parents. (Who are also trying to make ends meet). Anywho, Mia’s frustrations with her job, finances, coworkers, and supervisors, drives her into desperation. One day, Mia receives an email invitation from an escort service that offers $5,000. While thinking about her circumstances, she goes against her better judgment and accepts the offer.

When she shows up at the party, she meets a malefactor who goes by the name, “Professor.” Just when Mia thinks her problems are about to end, they take a tragic and twisted turn for the worst. The party attendees get drugged and their bodies are dragged into the basement by Professor's "helpers," Gio and Toni. Mia is the only person who’s spared of the professor's murderous wrath, but she has a price to pay, she’s coerced to kill and watch the professor and his "helpers" murder and torture his victims. Reason being, Professor‘s son was savagely beaten by a group of bullies because of his obesity. The attack was so severe, it left his son mentally impaired. Since then, Professor counsels overweight people like Mia, who have been teased and taunted for being overweight. He then finds their bullies, and he tortures, and kills them. Now that Mia is appointed as his right hand woman, she finds herself ensnared,scared,paranoid and helpless. She has to do everything the professor orders her to do in exchange for money and the protection of her parents, and her own. With the help of her alter ego, Nickole, Mia is willing to stop at nothing to retrieve normalcy and save her parents.

While reading this book, I was slightly scared, shocked, and amused. Authoress K. Reid uses soundtracks to describe the mood of events through the chapters of the novel. When you read this book, you will be on the edge of your seat.The book is not "Put down-able." This book WILL stir your emotions. TRUST! It has taken me at least a day to read the book because it's that good. I look forward to reading more of K. Reid's forthcoming books. I STRONGLY suggest you purchase, "FAT KILLS" because the title matches the content of the book. Let's help support this talented literary artist! :-)

K. Reid's novel is available in Kindle and Paper back:

You can also follow her on Twitter: @ScribeKReid

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Novel Interview with "Where They Do That At" Radio

I had a blast speaking to "Where they Do That Radio" shouts out to Valencia Simms for having me! You can follow her on Twitter @VDUBBATL. She's also the president and Ceo of V-Source and FameXchange. Make sure you follow both twitter accounts for both organizations, @FameXchange and @VSource. In the interim, you can fast forward to 92:26. That's where my interview begins. Enjoy! :-)


K. Reid's "Fat Kills" review coming soon!

Howdy, Minions!

Yesterday, I had a blast reading Author K. Reid's "Fat Kills." All I can say is, Waaaaaaayow! I'll be adding a review about it tomorrow. I'm telling ya, it's like no other suspense urban fiction book! I swear on a stack of old phone books! Stay tuned! Heehee! :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Valarie Carey, "TOTM Time of the Month"

Show your support for author Valarie Carey. You'll be able find lot's useful information in her new book TOTM Time of the Month (Click the link)

Who is Ebony Starks?

Would you like to know who Ebony Starks is? Welp, she's more than her good looks, innocence, and age. She's the epitome of TRIUMPH! :-) Ebony would do anything to be pretty (which she already was). She loathed her dark skin & kinky hair. She wanted to be someone she wasn't. Ebony wanted to be the light skinned version of Repunzel? O_O *Gasps*

My book is available everywhere :-)

Azizapublishing(Here's where you can read the synopsis and download
the excerpt below)


Barnes and Noble

Sapphire and Desire

I have a new short story in mind. It's titled "Sapphire and Desire" It's about twin sisters who embark on different life paths. Sapphire is family attorney & Desire is a "Working girl." Sapphire & Desire are identical twins but their personalities are distinguishable.

So yeah, my next short story will be published on Monday. It's called, "Sapphire and Desire." It's going to be a riveting read. :-)

My latest Blog Post

My latest feature in @Robynlatoi's blog. Thanks a bunch, Robyn! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Urban Book Reviews

Attention Authors and Authorettes!

I'm now an urban fiction book reviewer and I'm doing book reviews for $10.00. I'll be writing interviews and posting them on 1.) Yahoo's Associated Content 2.) Twitter 3.) My Facebook fan page 4.) My personal Facebook profile 5.) Good reads 6.) Amazon 7.) My blog.

If you would like to have your book reviewed, you can email me at or you can follow me @Bossladywriter.

Much respect