Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Fiction Ebooks

I've written and published three riveting fiction ebooks that are available via and they're on sale. You can follow me at @Bossladywriter to see the links to all three of them. I advertise them every 1-2 hours per day. I'm also working on my second novel titled, "The Chosen One." and I'm working on my fourth ebook titled, "Perspectives-A Story About Three Men From Different Walks of Life. Stay tuned for that and thank you for your support. Muaaah! :-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Release Date

Greetings new followers! *Waves*

As some of you know, my upcoming novel, "Ebony the Beloved" is set to be released

on March 15th. The novel is about a black girl named Ebony who has been condemned and rejected by her parents and peers. Like many others, she struggles with the adversaries of being impoverished and accepted for who is she is; moreover, she’s having difficulties with accepting herself. That is until she finds love and acceptance from one of the faculty members at her school. From that point on, things began to brighten up for her until she meets one of the most influential public figures who has sadistic and sexually devious desires.

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Ebony the Beloved" Synopsis

The moment you all have been waiting for...Tadaaaaaaaaaa! :D The book is still being edited :-)

S/N: May not be suitable for the work place. Reader's discretion is advised :-)

Chapter 1: Why Me?
It was pitch black. The only thing that shed light into the daunting room was a hole in the window. The dim glow from the street lights in the distance gave off just enough light to see through the shadows. The only thing that could be heard were crickets that seemed to be the only ones making all the noise in the neighborhood piercing the silence yet somehow not loud enough to interrupt the peace. All of the neighbor’s dogs decided not to compete with one another in who could howl the loudest. With the exception of the porch lights, the neighborhood was cloaked in darkness and was eerily still. It was at most fifty degrees outside. The cold draft was sank its way into the opening of the broken window. Ebony shivered uncontrollably. Her teeth were clicking wildly and her nipples felt like huge gum ball drops. As she layed, she rubbed her hands together between her thighs to gain something resembling warmth, her hands rubbing so hard together that she could feel smoke coming out of her palms. She cried hysterically and sniffled non-stop. She didn’t have a blanket to stay warm and she felt like her bladder would bust like a malfunctioning appendix. The only thing that prevented her from moving were the two Dobermans. They were both sound asleep. She knew that if she tried to make a beeline for the door, she would interrupt their sleep and become their late night snack. She knew she was too young to die so she decided to let her biological juices flow down her legs. In agony she thought of numerous escape plans only to realize that she would only live to take a shower if he decided to release her out of what he called his, “Sewer Trap.” She spent two nights in a row in that foul smelling shed. It reeked of feces, urine, acid, gasoline, all rolled up into one. Ebony covered her nose and mouth with her hands every time she could manage not rubbing them together to stay warm, often getting sick from the putrid odor. She threw up ten times throughout the course of her stay in that hell hole. The two massive dogs slept two feet away from her in front of the closed door, mouths open, snoring like human beings. That alone was enough to make Ebony want to jump out of her skin and dash right through the wall. Desmond didn’t believe in feeding them that canned shit, he only fed them the best and nothing but the best; USDA certified primed raw steaks. They had the appetite of a lion and the jaws of a shark. They were not the ordinary domestically trained house dogs. They were trained killers and they obeyed no one but Desmond. Danger and Ripper wore shiny black fur coats and were groomed regularly. Desmond treated those dogs like they were his children. His mother hated dogs period so kept them out of her sight. “God why do you continue to punish me this way? Sometimes I fucking hate you.” Ebony wailed. She couldn’t believe how one human being could dehumanize another by subjecting them to such deplorable conditions and treating them worse than pigeon shit. Those damn dogs were being treated better she was. She moved her body over to the space where the street lights casted their reflection. She felt and smelled vile. There were cobwebs in every corner of the shed. There was nothing in there but a lawn mower, dingy sofa, and dog turd. She was forced into the shed with Desmond’s two four-legged best friends because the night before, his controlling mother accused her of tampering with her panties when that was the farthest thing from the truth. Ebony never stepped foot in that old bitch’s bedroom. His mother’s name was Sharlette and she falsely accused Ebony of rifling through her panty drawer without her permission. She reported Ebony to Desmond. Sharlette couldn’t stand the young girl. She thought Ebony was just another simple, snot nosed tramp who was trying to upstage her by taking her position as the woman of the house. That was why she concocted that whole insane panty theft story. Sharlette knew in order for it to seem like Ebony was trying to fit into her favorite jaguar printed thong, she had to stretch it long and hard enough until it ripped. She marched down stairs and yelled, “Dez bring your ass in here, I need to show you something!” Desmond was sitting in the den playing Madden and barely gave an audible “Yeah ma”. “Nigga you know goddamn well how much I hate to repeat myself more than once, now bring your pussy ass in the room.” She sneered. Desmond hated when she called him foul names, it made him feel less than a man. If someone else other than his mother would have called him that, he would have beat the brakes off their ass, but she was his mother and he loved her more than he loved himself. “Damn ma why you gotta keep calling me names Yo? You know how much that shit pisses me off.” Sharlette gave him a dismissive wave and spat, “Nigga I was in seventy two hour labor with your punk ass. I’ve fed, clothed, and raised your ass all by myself. Your cheating ass pappy fucked another bitch outside of our marriage and they both were chain sawed to death after her husband caught both of them fucking in his bed after a hard day’s work. Since then, I’ve been your daddy and your mother. Which gives me the liberty to talk to your nappy headed ass anyway I want to. Shut the fuck and let me speak nigga.” Desmond really wasn’t in the mood for any confrontation with his mother. All he wanted to know was what triggered her to fly off the hinges again so that he could go back to his game of Madden. “Alright ma” he sighed; “what happened this time?” “That funky monkey bitch of yours went into my drawer and stole one of my fucking thongs. She knows damn well that she can’t squeeze her fat ass in my thongs.” She hissed. Desmond grew so exasperated, that steam came out of his nose and ears. No matter how wrong his mother was, she was like an angel’s advocate. In his eyes, she could never be wrong. After listening to his mother’s panty theft tirade, he yelled, “Ebony! Bitch bring your stupid ass down here now!” When Sharlette witnessed how enraged her son was at Ebony for touching her possessions without her approval, she smiled like the damn Cheshire cat, all the while thinking to herself, “Yeah Bitch that’s your ass now.” Ebony was in the bathroom polishing her toenails. She knew how much Desmond hated the smell of nail polish. One time she polished her toenails next to him in bed, he vehemently snatched her by the collar and slapped her speechless. “Muthafucka have you lost your fucking mind? You’re about to spill that stinking ass shit on my custom made $8,000.00 2000 thread count Egyptian comforter and why the fuck are you polishing your nails pink bitch? Are you creeping out on me cunt?” He ranted. She stuttered, “N-n-n-no b-b-baby you know I wouldn’t do that to you.” She cried while trying to shake off the dots she was seeing from the impact of his slap. “I better not catch you wearing any colored polish. You are only allowed to wear clear polish and if I catch you polishing your nails near any of my shit again, I’m going to twist your fucking neck until it unscrews. You understand me bitch?” She replied with a just a simple nod. “Ebony do you hear me fucking calling you?” It was enough to startle her out of her trance. She dropped the nail polish but promptly picked it up and sealed it shut. Her toe nails weren’t fully dried, but that didn’t stop her from rushing downstairs to find out what she did to piss him off this time. Her heart nearly beating out of her chest. She knew she had to face whatever her punishment was going to be. As soon as she met Desmond and his mom downstairs, she nervously asked, “Yes Des?” The atmosphere was so intense that you could cut it with a knife. She felt the painful stinging of a palm on her cheek. She didn’t even see it coming. This time the slap didn’t come from Desmond, it came from his mother. Sharlette went ballistic on Ebony. She grabbed her by her ponytail and shoved the ripped panties in her mouth. Desmond didn’t say anything in fact, he thought it was comical. Ebony was terrified. She couldn’t fathom how a man could watch his own mother pummel and beat up his girlfriend without lifting a finger to diffuse the situation. Sharlette slapped her again with the back of her hand until she stumbled backgrounds and landed on her back. Desmond and his mother would not give her the opportunity to prove her innocence. They both took turns savagely beating her. “Oh my God Mrs, Waltz what did I do?” She cried. As soon as Ebony called Sharlette “Mrs.”, it only angered her more. Despite the agony her husband had put her through when he was alive, she still loved him and missed him and she knew she would never ever see him again. Desmond snatched Ebony up by her hair and stood her right in front of his mother. Ebony tried to shield herself from another attack, but he took both of her arms and pent them behind her back. She tried to maneuver herself loose from his grip, but it was no use. “I fucking hate you, you cock sucking whoring jezebel.” Sharlette went crazy and she punched Ebony right in the face. Ebony winced out in horror. “Shut up bitch before I really give you something to cry about!” Desmond boomed. He loosened his grip on her. When she tried to cup her bleeding nose, Desmond spun her around to his direction and punched her in the stomach bringing her to her knees. Ebony balled herself up in the fetal position. That was when Sharlette kicked her in the small of her back with her pointy toed Jimmy Choo pumps and barked, “Now what you whore?!” Sharlette’s knuckles were throbbing in pain and she mumbled obscenities under her breath while rubbing them." Desmond, I’m about to go put my knuckles in some ice, thanks to that monkey ass cunt.” She said and shashayed into the kitchen to nurse her knuckles back into good health. “Alright ma.” Said Desmond. Ebony was in so much pain she couldn’t move. He carried her wounded limp body all the way all the way outside to his shed. Once he got her into the shed, he greeted his two favorite kids: Ripper & Danger. They both got up and walked over to him whenever he called their name. They were breathing hard and waiting for their master to give them their order to devour Ebony into nothing, but to their disappointment, he rubbed their heads and caressed them like they were newborn babies.“Okay listen up, daddy wants you to keep an eye on his disobedient bitch. If she tries to run away, I want you to eat her ass alive. Understand?’’ He instructed. Both dogs nodded their heads and barked in unison. Ebony cried and moaned. She overheard everything he said and she knew he meant every last word. She stayed in that spot for two nights. She couldn’t do anything but think. She loathed herself for being so stupid for getting caught up with a man like Desmond. He didn’t always behave that way. She knew there had to be some way out of that prison, but until then the only thing she was left to do was ask herself, “why me?”

New Year, New Opportunities, New Me

First and foremost, I'd like to wish all of my minions a truck load of prosperity. 2010 has been a rough and tough year for many of us. Let's use 2010 as a catalyst to culivate our lives. There's a 2nd chance for self-improvement in 2011.We all should exert and assert ourselves by all means. Anywho, I was recently vifilied by a ribald individual who's got a TON of time on her hands. Mind you, she used to follow my previous Twitter account and we're both afficionados of the R&B singer Lloyd. Well let's just say, she let her tongue cash a check her ass couldn't cash or deposit. She accused me of being what I'm good at. Now, what kind of sense does that make? I'm a decent writer and I'm a die hard fan of Lloyd, that's all! She's from the same feather as The Lloyd "Wackettes" Mickey Mouse Crew (Lloyd Ladies Promo Fan Club). I suspect they probably sent one of their rabid pitbulls to bark and growl up my tree. Rather they did or didn't, her epically failed attempts to lambaste my character, was the ultimate hilarity. She dug my previous Twitter account up from the grave and used it to taunt me with it. LOL!If that isn't epic stupidity, I don't know what the hell is. Perhaps, if she and her pathetic cohorts would invest their time sagely, their so-called fan club would be in the same realm as "Trey's Angels." Otherwise, I don't see the sense in reviling someone who's climbing the ladder to success when you're not. You mind as well help me promote my ebooks and fan page instead. I sure can use the promotion. Fostering idle bullshit will serve you NO purpose. Either hop on my bandwagon or jump back in the sewer slop river you came from. I don't need your pessemism or the jive fuckery. Left fielders to the left exit, PLEASE! The difference between me and the TSWB Crew (Talk Shit While Broke Crew), is that I get paid to write blogs and articles while Lloyd pays them NO mind LOL! If they were smart, they would turn that mickey mouse group into a BUSINESS. If they've allowed theirselves to be deluded by the "The Recession is over" claptrap, their hardwork won't ascend no higher than their hollow heads. Lol Anywhore, I'd like to discuss my upcoming novel, "Ebony the Beloved" and my fourth ebook, "Perspectives." I'm elated to announce that, "Ebony the Beloved" will be released on March 15, 2011. It's been a long wait, but the publication date is near. I'll add an excerpt post for my first novel as well as my fourth ebook momentarily. Meanwhile, I'm a new freelance writer with a new outlook on life. Soon, the opportunity floodgates will open wider and a tsunami of opportunities will come rushing in. I'm going to keep pressing until I get what I've been praying for. Allow no naysayer to piss on your endeavors. If you have an idea in mind, act on it! You must strive and survive until you thrive. Keep hope alive! *Jesse Jackson's voice* Corny much? LOL Stay tuned for the synopsis. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease! :D