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Vivian Green - Emotional Rollercoaster

The Bar-Kays - Soul Finger

The Ultimate Sweet 16 Party With Lloyd

Jackie Moore - How's Your Love Life Baby

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Jahessye Shockley Is 5 Years Old, Missing and Black: Where is Her Prime Time National News Coverage?

Jerice Hunter told police she left her three older children in charge of her 5-year-old daughter, Jahessye (JES’-ee) Shockley, before leaving her Glendale, Ariz., home on Oct. 11 to run errands. Hunter said she locked the door when she left, and when she returned the door was unlocked and Jahessye was gone. There has been no trace found of the little girl.

Jahessye’s family members have said that they don’t believe police have given her disappearance enough attention because she’s black and her parents have a criminal history — a history that includes a conviction on child abuse charges. Jahessye’s mother served time for a 2005 charge and the child’s father, George Shockley, a convicted sex offender, is currently in prison for charges related to Hunter’s conviction. Police in Arizona say Hunter is not a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance.

“We feel that law enforcement is not active in finding Jahessye and that they’re more active in persecuting me instead of finding out where she is,” Hunter said.

In the nearly two weeks since Jahessye disappeared, another missing child’s story, that of “baby Lisa” has been front and center on every prime time news channel in America. Photos, home video and on-air discussions about what happened to baby Lisa, why her mother failed a lie detector test, and whether a stranger seen in the area may have abducted the child, continue to flash across the screens of televisions in homes around the country. Baby Lisa’s story is a daily fixture on CNN’s “Nancy Grace” show, and Anderson Cooper has taken time out of his broadcast to discuss the case.

The most obvious difference between the two cases? Baby Lisa Irwin is white. Jahessye Shockley is black.

Paul Penzone, a retired Phoenix police sergeant and child advocate, says he asked producers of the CNN “Nancy Grace” show to highlight little Jahessye ‘s story and had not heard anything, although, on Oct. 21, CNN did mention Jahessye’s disappearance. Penzone said there is massive local coverage and he hoped national coverage would help authorities find clues to Jahessye’s whereabouts.

Jahessye’s grandmother, Shirley Johnson, traveled to the state capitol in Phoenix, Arizona wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Grandma won’t stop!”

“The Glendale Police Department has not brought this to the forefront. They botched this investigation,” Johnson told reporters. “I believe it’s because she’s a little black girl.”

Jerice Hunter urged whoever has her daughter to please drop her off someplace safe, saying, “Please bring my baby back home … She’s scared. She’s scared. Please, I know she’s scared.”

The new issue of People is currently on stands all over America with blue-eyed Baby Lisa on the cover. Some Internet speculators are excusing the media’s apparent lack of concern for Jahessye by implying that the child’s mother is somehow responsible for her disappearance, and that Hunter knows where Jahessye is. Even if that were a legitimate excuse for ignoring this little girl’s plight, how do they explain the years of attention America paid to little Casey Anthony’s case?

In 2008 a veteran law-enforcement official established Black and Missing, Inc (BAM), a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness to missing persons of color; provide vital resources and tools to missing person’s families and friends and to educate the minority community on personal safety.

As long as missing black children continue to receive a minimum of concern from the media, organizations like BAM are necessary to help meet the needs of anguished family members. –kathleen cross

Cited here: Rolling Out

5 Days in Jail for Innocent Black Woman Shot by Stray Bullet: ‘They Wanted Me to Lie’

Takesha Griffin, 35, said she was handcuffed to a bench in the squad room, then locked in a filthy holding cell at the 73rd Precinct in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Officers repeatedly asked the injured woman if she was ready to “cough up the real story” about how she got shot.

“They wanted me to lie,” said Griffin, whose lawyer filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city. “It was like ‘The Twilight Zone.’ “

The single mother of a 9-year-old boy said she was given a McDonald’s hamburger each day and ridiculed when she complained about the food. During her confinement, Griffin said she urinated on herself when no one was available to escort her to the bathroom. She was also denied a sanitary napkin.

“Who treats people this way?” Griffin said. “It’s inhumane.”

On her second day in the stationhouse, cops suggested she “change her story” if she wanted to leave.

“A police officer saw me still sitting there and said, ‘Did your story change yet? I guess you like it here,’ ” she said.

Griffin said she was shot on Sept. 3 as she was getting out of a male friend’s vehicle near her apartment in Brownsville, N.Y. She heard a noise and felt a burning sensation on her right thigh and noticed a spot on her leg where her tights bunched up into a hole. Pulling the bunched-up fabric, she saw a bullet pop out, followed by spurting blood.

Griffin’s friend drove her to Brookdale University Hospital. Hospital staff saw the wound and called police. Detectives suspected she had been shot during a lovers’ quarrel with her friend.

“He never had a gun,” she said. “I told them he was gay; we had gone to a gay club the night before.”

The friend offered to take a lie detector test and submit to a gunshot residue test on his hands, she said. He was released that morning; she was held.

Read more at NY Daily News.

Cited here: Rolling Out

WTH: Man Loses Parole for Using Cellphone to Call Family About Being Paroled

Dwayne Kennedy landed in prison — and rightly so — after throwing a man from a moving car in 1988. However, he was recently deemed eligible for parole, despite a history of violent crimes. Kennedy lost said parole for using a cellphone to call his family to tell them he’d been paroled.

That’s right, California prison officials are keeping Kennedy locked up for an extra five years at a cost of approximately $250,000 taxpayer dollars because guards caught him with a contraband cellphone. He said he borrowed the phone to inform his family that he had just been granted parole and was coming home.

In theory, he did not technically get five more years for using the cellphone. Authorities said that he violated the terms and conditions of his parole for using what was considered contraband. Now he will have to serve an additional five years before getting another chance to request parole again.

Cellphones are popular in prisons across the nation. Inmates not only use them to make personal calls, but also to continue to control and run criminal operations, intimidate witnesses, and order violent attacks on the outside. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Oct. 6 making it a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in a county jail.

Under the new law, inmates caught with cellphones face losing 90 days of credit earned for good behavior. In Kennedy’s case, using the cellphone lengthened his prison stay because a 2008 ballot measure extended the time inmates serving life sentences must wait for a new hearing when they are denied parole or their parole offer is revoked. –torrance stephens

Cited here: Rolling Out

Dr. Drew Declines Black Woman’s On-Camera Offer to Perform Dangerous Sexual Fetish on Him

A woman calling herself “Massive Mocha,” appeared on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s television show to discuss a sexual fetish technique called “squashing” that literally leaves men breathless.

The morbidly obese guest told the doctor that men ask her to sit on “their face, chest area whatever part they want” until they feel they are going to pass out. The squashed man will then tap her to let her know when she should get off of them.

Massive Mocha said, “I like to make them suffer a little longer, so I’ll stay on there.”

The woman told Pinsky it works in chairs as well, and asked, “Do you want me to try it?”

“No, I’m good.” Drew responded politely. “I’m good.”

The audience laughed and everyone seemed to get a big kick out of this woman’s odd pastime, but I couldn’t help but think what if she doesn’t get up in time? Could she be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter if she didn’t get off a squashee before they suffocated — and she was unable to resuscitate them?

Cited here: Rolling Out

Isley Brothers - Don't Say Good night

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Recursive Sad Keenue Reeves With Helmet

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Drinking Water in Space

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Deer jumps over car

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Time-lapse teeth correction

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Dude Couldn't Get Up Fast Enough LMAO!!!!!!!!!

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And This Is One of the Legtimate Reasons Why I will NEVER Enroll in the Military LOL!

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Shots fired! LOL!

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Racist Cat!

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Chuck Norris Loves My Novel! :-)

Chuck Norris read my novel. After he read my novel, I asked him what his thoughts were and this is what happened:

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Look Out Naysayers! FLAP!

This what happens when you hurl negativity at people who are above you. lol

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Care to Stare?

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The Magic Chair

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Dr. James David Manning reports from "Occupy Wall Street" in Zuccotti Park

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What's Brand Spanking New?!

Greetings International fans,

Purchase my novel, "Ebony the Beloved." It is making epic waves and I'm sure none of you want to over look a page turner. And potential stage play and/or movie. So, if many of you can read and survive my first book, you can SURELY read and survive my second book, which is going to be riddled with controversy. LOL! How many of you think you're ready for "The Bold and The Ugly Truth" LOL!!!!!! Because I am! YAS! It will be released next year! In the interim, check out my first novel, "Ebony the Beloved" it's like no other! :)


The Temptations (Ball Of Confusion)

Silly Negroes, When Will You Ever Learn

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These Books Are Also On My "To Read" List

This Was a Very Good Read.

Review is coming soon. Hopefully. lol

I Can't Wait to Read This Book

Darkest Child: A Novel

I've been wanting to read this book and I finally checked it out. :)

This is the Novel I'm Reading Now. :-)

Let Ebony be Your Inspiration


Ebony has been condemned and rejected by her parents and peers all of her life. Like many other black girls who grew up weary to face life, she struggles with the adversities of being impoverished and accepted for who she is. After being mentally, emotionally and sexually abused, Ebony still struggles to fight her way to the top, never fully realizing what her worth is until she finds love and acceptance from one of the faculty members at her school. From that point on, things began to blossom for her until she meets a smooth operator named, Desmond Waltz.

Desmond is a world renowned entertainer who takes a sudden romantic interest in Ebony. His hidden sadistic and sexually devious desires for her erupt into rage, abuse, and imprisonment. Not only is Ebony’s world turned upside down, but she has to deal with Desmond’s desire to see her suffer under his thumb, but she is also subjected to his domineering mother, who hates her and abuses her every time she gets, leaving Ebony beaten and bloody and begging for the pain to stop.

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Lloyd has, is, and will ALWAYS be the bigger man! Perv Fatti Can Eat a Mud Casserole

Lloyd Responds To Irv Gotti's Comments: "He's Just Mad"

In response to Irv Gotti's recent negative comments, R&B singer Lloyd had a few things to say about his former Murder Inc. boss.

"I have no problems with nobody," Lloyd said on Shade 45′s Sway In the Morning .

"That's definitely one man's opinions about the situation. And I'm just thankful that his opinions don't dictate my future."

"His grouches is his grouches and I have none... He's just mad, he's upset. People say weird sh*t when they're mad."

Listen to Lloyd's full response below and if you missed it, you can catch what Irv Gotti's rant about Lloyd

Listen to the audio here: Hip Hop Wired

Cherrelle - I didn't Mean to Turn You On

Johnny Gill "Wrap My Body Tight"

Unedited Except from my 4th ebook "Perspectives"

Frederick Brooks

Hey, guys my name is Freddy Brooks and I like to read and write books. I may not

be known for my good looks, but I sure know how to cook. Cheesy, much?

Well, I’m not much of a poet, but my heart is bigger than the state

of Texas. I’m an albino best-selling author who owns a mansion in

Baldwin Hills. My silver Lamborghini compliments my house along with

my manicured lawn and tropical palm trees. I’ve written ten Street-Lit

novels that have made The New York Time’s Best Seller’s list.

Each of them sat on the list for many consecutive weeks. I am blessed to

have a staunch fan base along with a stellar writing career. But I can’t

take all the credit for my success. I owe my career to my late grandfather.

He was my biggest cheer leader and he gave me an out pour of his love

and support. He always pushed me to reach for the sky, because

he knew I would become a star someday. I believe he foresaw

my future before I was a twinkle in my mother’s eyes. He treated

me like precious cargo. Not because of my albinism, but because

of my raw natural talent. He raised me and my twin brother, Roderick

all by his lonesome. My brother was born with pigmentation except

for me. When we were youngsters, he used to swear we were not

related because he had a fudge brownie complexion compared to

my snow man complexion. He didn’t treat me like his blood brother.

He treated me more like a foster brother. If it wasn’t for my grandfather’s

unconditional love and support, I don’t know where I’d end up, because

that man’s love filled many hearts. His love was plentiful enough

to stretch from my our little mule town all the way to Kingdom come.

Sir Cleofus Redding Sr

Cleofus Redding Sr was my grandfather’s name. My father was Cleofus Redding

Jr, but he dishonored my grandfather’s name by pimping women including my

mother, Chardonnay. My father was a low-life pimp who treated his fire bird

better than he treated his staple of whores. That Cad slipped up and

impregnated one of his doxies who later gave birth to me and my twin brother.

I learned that my mother’s name was Chardonnay Henson. She was a seventeen

year old run-away from The Town of Water Frog Creek. She was a habitual

drug user and drug abuser, but she was mostly an alcoholic. When

my father recruited my mother as one of his whores, she had more alcohol

inside of her than a distillery. Since she was so loyal to him, she graduated

from being his bottom feeders to becoming one of his bottom bitches.

I never understood why people conflated the two, because anyone at the

bottom was no higher than a midget’s knee caps. To me, if a woman

blankets herself as a bottom bitch, she unknowingly reduced her worth.

She’s a new resident of what I like to call—“The Lowest Common

Denominator” Community. It’s a place where sewer rats, swamp roaches,

and junk yard snakes roam freely. Anyone who flaunts this fucked up

mentality has defecated and urinated on their own dignity, honor,

self worth, and flushed it down the toilet. My mother was no different.

The difference was, she let my father do most of the honors. When she

discovered she was pregnant with us, she continued turning tricks like it

wasn’t god’s business. My brother and I weren’t born in the hospital.

We were born in the back of one of her Trick’s car. When my

grandfather caught wind of his son’s whores giving birth to me

and Roderick, he became our acting parent and guardian angel.

He singled handedly sequestered my parent’s custodial rights

and dared them to blink the wrong way. My parents couldn’t

prove they were fit parents; therefore, they couldn’t waver. Except,

forfeit their title as our parents and give it to someone who was fit

to fill their slot. My father slammed more doors and pimped more

whores longer than Lucille’s Bar had tiled floors. Lucille’s Bar was

a hole in the wall where all the head knockers, whores, and

whore mongers mingled to collect tricks and prospect recruits.

Lucille was the owner of the bar and she was built like an ox.

She had rubbery skin and her mouth was bald as the day

she was born. She cussed like an intoxicated truck driver

and she kept her doubled barreled shot gun by her side in

case the crowd got rowdy. It was rumored that she had a

few bedrooms located in the posterior of the bar. They were

reserved for whores, tricks, and pimps to do their business. My

father and mother were her regular patrons. Especially, my mother

because it was where she drowned herself in booze while scavenging

for tricks. Lucille’s bar was an animal house. She ran that shoddy shack

for forty years until a cyclone swallowed it up and regurgitated what was left

of it. After Lucille lost her business, she lost her sanity too. She deep throated

her shot gun and blew her brains out. The shocking news about her tragic

death permeated faster than the swine flu. The only people who were

devastated were her loyal customers. Otherwise, the overly sensitive

church goers were the ones who ripped her name to shreds. Since her

death was so gruesome and horrific, she had to have a closed casket funeral.

My parents went to pay their respects to her, but my grandfather made me and

Roderick stay in the house. I remembered he said, “Ya’ll won’t be

dragging my grand kids to that battle ax’s funeral. She’s a disgrace to

the human race and she’ll be shoving coal in hell with Satan!” He shook his fist.

“Pops, ease up on ole Lucille. She wasn’t perfect, but she was like

a mother to me. I know you didn’t like her when she was alive,

but the least thing you can do is respect in her death. She’s been

through a lot and could no longer bare the pain. She gave the shoes

off her feet to the people she cared about. And I’m not going to sit

here and listen to you trash her existence, because I hear enough

of that shit from those two bit hypocritical church niggas you hang

with,” my father remarked. My grandfather sardonically chuckled

at my father’s idiocy. My father painted a rosy portrait of Lucille like she

was an angelic saint. She mind as well have sprouted a tail

and wield a pitch fork. “Let me tell you something. You better not

ever disrespect your mother’s honor for the likes of that

low-life sow cow, Lucille. That den of shame she ran had more sin

crawling around it than you could shake a stick at it. I hope Satan

sticks his pitch fork up her porky ass until she explodes into ashes.

You and Chardonnay mind as well lay in the casket beside her and

join her in hell!” My grandfather snarled and shook his fist.

My father threw his hands up in mid air. “I’m going to the funeral.”

“You and Chardonnay better not bring your sorry asses back to my

house again. I don’t want your sinful ways rubbing off on my grandkids!”

My father angrily slammed the door causing the picture to fall off the wall

and it’s glass to break. It was a picture of our beloved grandmother.

I never had the opportunity to meet my grandmother, but my grandfather

said she was a loving soul who spread her love like the infamous Forest fire in

Snake Lake County. From that point on, my parents didn’t visit my grandfather’s

house anymore. I heard through the grape vine, that my father was scooped

up by the police and my mother disappeared without a trace. Her remains

were later discovered near an embankment and he was genetically tied

to her murder. My father was flung in jail and wasted away by the

second. My heart wouldn’t let me shed a tear for him or my mother,

because my brother and I were unplanned accidents. My dad was

no different from the slave master. He owned her body, robbed her

of the little dignity she had, and murdered her. Even though

my mother was young when she met my father, she stood firmly

by my father’s side for years. She was spineless and cowardly.

If I had a choice between blaming my father and mother, I would

blame my mother, because she was more culpable for her own

down falls than he was. Plus, my parents loved Roderick more

than they loved me. My father told me I was cursed by the

white man and that I should be quarantined in my bedroom.

Man, those words sunk my heart like the Titanic. My mother said,

my whiteness scared the hair on top of her head. That was why they

mostly asked to see Roderick. When my grandfather gave them a

good tongue whipping, they hardly ever showed up. That was when

my love for my grandfather soared through the roof while my

love for my parents crashed and burned.


As a kid, I was a target for public humiliation. Throughout elementary and

middle school, kids heckled me from head to toe. I’ve been called every

name beyond the book. People acted as if my albinism was a contagious disease.

My brother renounced and denounced me in front of his cohorts. He treated

me worse than those bullies. He was the cool popular guy and I was the

albino outcast. If people knew that he and I were brothers, his popularity

would have dropped faster than a whore’s panties on Sunday. Every day

before we went to school, he reminded me to stay out of his way. “Fred,

I have a reputation to maintain. So, I’m going to need you to stay far

the hell away from me as much as possible.” He saw the hurt in my eyes.

And I could tell his cruelty chipped away at his heart a little. “Um,

listen. You and I can play video games after school.” Then he would

justify his churlish behavior by saying, “If people see me in public

with you, they would eye ball us like circus animals. Especially,

you because they’re not used to seeing someone like you. They’ll

laugh at you and jab you with insults. And you know I would never

let that happen.” But when we were in school, he and clown his ass

friends would taunt me relentlessly. “Yo, White out,” one of his friends

shouted. I ignored him and kept my pace. “My Social Studies

teacher gave me an F on my history paper. And I’m going to need

to use some of your color to whiten it out so I can change it to an A.

He and the crowd exploded with laughter. My brother made it

worse by inserting his measly two cents, “Speaking of white

out, the school can use his colors to whiten out the graffiti on

these walls. His opprobrious comments seared a hole in my heart.

He killed my spirit and left me feeling like an empty hollow shell.

During those awful times, I poured my heart and soul into

the stories I wrote. I identified with the characters I talked about

and the stories carried my mind to a totally different world.

My English teacher, Mrs. Firehouse was the first one who

encouraged me to submit my work to a few short story contests. When I did that,

I earned certificates and trophies across the board. My grandfather’s

walls were covered with all of my awards. He was the one who

instilled me with the go-getter attitude I have today. I stroked

my pen until my hands went numb. My love

for writing was so strong, it segued into a lucrative career.

During my high school days, I published short stories

in the school’s newspaper and I earned a reputation for

myself. I formed friendships with kids who were less

judgmental and more receptive. Girls wouldn’t give me any

play until I met a girl named Bridgette Polite. She was a

creole cutie with a bodacious booty. Her pants kissed

and hugged her fat ass so hard, if she sneezed,

they would split in half. Every corner she turned, heads

craned, chatters paused, and tongues wagged. She had

rhythm in her walk and talk. And she was never off beat.

My friend Cory, who shared the same homeroom with me

nudged me on the shoulders. “Dude, check out the body

on that shorty.” I returned his response with a shrug. “She’s

alright.” I acted like she wasn’t all that, because I didn’t

want to appear like the rest of those ravenous guys who

wanted a taste of her. She was pretty but she was out of

my limits. “Dude, she’s more than alright. She’s a goddess.

Every dude wants to tap that ass. Word on the street is, she’s got

a wicked pussy. Wicked enough to make a man change his

religion.” “Damn, it’s no wonder she’s got guys drooling over her.”

Bridgette was an eye candy, but I didn’t know what to do with

a girl like her. She was a seasoned temptress and her vagina

was like a urinal, it was opened to the public. Besides, I didn’t know

anything about women; furthermore, it would have been difficult

warding off those horny howling wolves. “Man, if I had a chick like

her, I would give her the world.” Cory’s eyes were so moony, he

looked like an Anime. I couldn’t resist laughing at his cheesy

ass. “Cory, what more can you give her besides, your

telescope, Derek Jeter baseball cards, and trust fund. The

only thing she’ll use is your trust fund to finance her

wardrobe. And we both know that’s barely enough to buy acres

of land, let alone the whole world.” He and I both laughed.

“Well, can a man like me fantasize?” Corey quizzed. “Sure, because

that’s the closest you’ll ever get to being with her.” I guffawed.

“Yeah, whatever. You can front like you’re not interested, but

you know you want to hit it as much as I do.” “Humph, she’s

cute, but she’s got some miles on her. I want a girl who’s

never been ridden or test driven, catch my drift?” “Yeah, but can you

think of a beautiful girl who’s speedometer is zero these days?

Let’s be real about it. The only virgins that are left, are the

ugly girls. Even a corny dweeb like me wouldn’t stick my pencil

in their sharpener.” “Wow, that’s cold. Everyone deserves love,

Cory.” “You should tell that to the ones who won’t sleep with them.”

I shook my head at his cold remarks. But I had to put up a fight.

“What about Sadie Funston. She’s pretty, smart, and she’s quiet,” I said.

“Sadie Funston?” Cory mocked. “Sadie Funston is a sweet nerdy girl by

day, but she’s a street walker by night!” “What! Not Sadie “Good girl”

Funston. This can’t be the same Sadie we’re talking about. Because

the Sadie I know has a good head on her shoulders.” Cory chuckled at me.

“She’s got a good head alright, because she’s giving it to every man on her

block. The quiet ones always have a hidden skeleton.” Cory’s shocking

revelation about Sadie Funston did a number on my heart. I never expected

someone like Sadie to minimize her worth. I used to have a secret crush

on her when we were in third grade. She was a shy and quiet girl then.

But she became a Jezebel who milled in the same “Lowest Common

Denominator” circle with my mother, father, Lucille, the pimps, the

prostitutes, pushers, hustlers and Bridgette. Her life was tumbling

down a hill and not even a big rock could stop it. The only thing that could

stop it was the death pit called, “Hell” because that’s where she was headed.

I sucked in some air, exhaled, and continued our discourse.

“What does it say about Bridgette then,” “What about her?”

Cory asked with a confounded look on his face. “It means Bridgette is

a whore knob. Everyone gets a turn too.” “Yes, but Bridgette is

popular, she’s sexy, and she carries herself with class.” Cory was

intelligent, but that moment, he sounded like every man who’s brain

cells plunged all the way to his dick. I wanted to bitch smack the

stupidity out of him. Instead, I approached the subject with

tact. “Bridgette is a whore. And there’s no such thing is a classy

whore. She uses her body to seduce men and once they’re hooked,

she reels them in. Her throat and vagina have a few things in

common-They’re wide and slippery enough to make an easy

entrance.” Damn, that’s cold, Fred.” “It’s not cold. It’s the truth,”

I remarked.” “So, don’t go putting her diseased ridden vagina

on a pedestal when she’s got a sea of random tadpoles swimming

in her gut like Sadie. They’re both accountable for their whorish

behavior; therefore they should assume the position. I had no

sympathy for the likes of Sadie and Bridgette. Girls like them

clamored for love and attention all day. They dropped

their panties along with their dignity to get that so-called

reciprocated love. If they believed those men who used

them, loved them, they were more dumber than I gave

them credit for. I surmise the apathy I had, stemmed from

watching my mother make a fool out of herself over the years.

She didn’t give a damn and if she would have been a

better mother, she’d still have my respect and most of all-

her life. I refocused my eyes on Bridgette and I watched her

accost my brother (who was on the foot ball team). I watched

him smell himself like he was the shit. And he was the shit, literally!

Grandfathers Know Best

Bridgette managed to suck my brother into her web of deceit.

Whatever she had under her tight ass blouse sleeves, it was destined

to rear its’ ugly head. Being a star writer earned me friends, but

no girlfriends. Roderick used my small fame to his advantage by

getting me to write love letters for his slew of girlfriends.

He didn’t tell people we were related, but he hung out with me

in public. We were doing homework in our bedroom, when he

he broached the subject about his new piece of ass-Bridgette.

“Yo, did you see Bridgette Polite. Shorty is bad?” I knew he

was using her name as bait to coax me into being his love

letter ghost writer again. I knew he was going to ask me

so I beat him to it instead. “You want me to write the love

letter, right?” He was slightly caught off guard, but he

smiled. “Right!” he said with overt excitement in his voice.

I have never seen him so happy about any girl. He was

only dating the girl for a week and she had his nose opened

wider than I-35’s belt way. I don’t know why I didn’t tell

him what I heard about her, because I thought he knew, but

still didn’t give a damn. “I like Bridgette a lot. She’s beautiful,

sexy, smart, and funny.” It was foreign of him to tell me about

Bridgette, because he never told me about any of his other

girlfriends. He continued, “I can’t wait to pop the big question

to her.” “Big question? You’re going to marry the girl!” Roderick

sucked his teeth and said, “Naw, man I’m going to ask her to be

my girlfriend.” Man, that was a relief. Roderick had a way with

the ladies, but he and Bridgette were in the same realm. They

were equally attractive and promiscuous. I wondered if they

were aware of each other’s reputation. I knew he was out of his

mind for assuming exclusivity with the likes of Bridgette,

vice versa. The arrangement they had should have been

more like a, “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am.” He was

growing serious when he hardly knew the girl. Roderick

was a far cry from perfect, but Bridgette was a recipe for

calamity. Something about her presence disturbed my bowels.

I was bound to find the hell out though. “When do you

need the love letter completed?” I asked. “I need it finished

before the homecoming dance for next week.” “Ok.”

“Thanks, man. You don’t know how much this means to

me. Matter of fact, here’s ten bucks.” He placed the crisp

ten dollar bill in the palm of my hands. I normally

didn’t charge for my writing but the newly printed

ten dollar bill gave me an epiphany. Since this desperate

fool was willing to compensate me for writing mushy

love letters for him, I figured I could turn my writing

hobby into a business. Anyone who needed their paper written,

had to pay me generously for my services. I couldn’t wait to

tell my grandfather about my latest venture. He was a terrific

listener and he gave the best advices. “Hey gramps” “Hey son,

how was school today?” “School was great as usual.

We didn’t get much homework and my History teacher gave

us a pop quiz. It was really easy,” I said while going to the

refrigerator to grab an apple. “How’s your writing coming

along?” My grandfather inquired. “It was great.

Matter of fact, I think I’m going to charge people who needs

their paper written. I know a lot of students who don’t like

writing their papers. So, I figure if they pay me to write it for them,

I’ll cash in and I’ll make a decent little income on the side,” I cheesed.

My father gave me a pointed look. He slid his reading glasses to

the tip of his nose and cleared his throat . I knew what that look

meant. It meant he was going to reprimand me until his tongue got

tired. I gave him a defeated look and found the nearest chair I

could find. I flopped on the couch like a drunken fat man on pay day.

“Frederick, you’re a smart young man.” My grandfather never

called me by my first name unless I disappointed him. This was one

of those times. He continued, “Reaping the benefits from someone

else’s slack isn’t going to help them. It’ll only make them lazier.

You know how much I stress education. I always tell you and

your brother that cheating for yourself or someone else serves

no purpose. If it does, it’ll only serve a purpose for failure.” I

didn’t say anything except mentally record everything he said.

“I know how much you love to write and I support you

to the eightieth moon. But I be damn, if I’m going to let you throw

it all away over some research papers that aren’t yours. You want

to earn legitimate money? Write a book!” “Yes, sir” I replied.

“I don’t want you to end up like your hussy ass mammy or your

whore mongering ass pappy. I want you to fly until you can

touch the sky. I believe in you and I know you’re going

to be a successful writer someday. I can feel it in my

bones and guts. Watch and see,” his frown morphed

into a wide smile. I knew he was no longer mad at me.

I returned his smile and munched on my apple.

“What about writing love letters?” That idea was jogging

around in my head after Roderick paid me to ghost write his

love letter. I had to make sure I covered all bases before

pursuing a career as a new freelance writer. My grandfather

stared at me pensively. “As long as it doesn’t interfere with

their education, why not?” He winked at me and resumed

reading the Wall street Journal. Roderick entered the

room. “Hey, grand pop,” he shouted. “Boy why the hell

are you shouting? You’re trying to burst my ear drums

before it’s time for me to go deaf?!” My grandfather

scolded. “Sorry, grand pop,” Roderick went to the kitchen

to fix himself a pork chop sandwich. He was in a happy

mood because he looked like he won the jackpot of love.

He really thought Bridgette was his prize piece of ass, how

pathetic! I didn’t give that relationship a week. I was sure he

was going to have another arm piece faster than he realized

he dumped her. I laughed inwardly and bit into my apple.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michael Jackson

Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five - Survival (The Message 2)

Be the Second Person to Post a Review for my Novel

Be the next person to leave a review on my novel "Ebony the Beloved" which is available on Amazon. Here's the synopsis: Ebony has been condemned and rejected by her parents and peers all of her life. Like many other black girls who grew up weary to face life, she struggles with the adversities of being impoverished and accepted for who she is. After being mentally, emotionally and sexually abused, Ebony still struggles to fight her way to the top, never fully realizing what her worth is until she finds love and acceptance from one of the faculty members at her school. From that point on, things began to blossom for her until she meets a smooth operator named, Desmond Waltz.

Desmond is a world renowned entertainer who takes a sudden romantic interest in Ebony. His hidden sadistic and sexually devious desires for her erupt into rage, abuse, and imprisonment. Not only is Ebony’s world turned upside down, but she has to deal with Desmond’s desire to see her suffer under his thumb, but she is also subjected to his domineering mother, who hates her and abuses her every time she gets, leaving Ebony beaten and bloody and begging for the pain to stop. Will she ever overcome?

Purchase your copy today.


Sarenzo Beads :-)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cece Peniston "Keep On Walking"

It Strikes at the Best Times

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Stone "If You Love Me"

Sha Boing Boing Boing!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jack Conrad - The Monkey Hustle (1976)

Jack Conrad - Monkey Hustle OST - Monkey Hustle MT

Jack Conrad- "Killer Express Freeway"

Big Joe Turner - "Shake, Rattle & Roll"

Louis Jordan "Big Bess"

Bobby Blue Bland "Ain't Nothing You Can Do"

Woman Busted After Trying To Find Weed On Craigslist

Here's how not to find weed: A New Mexico woman was arrested after police said she put an ad up on Craigslist trying to buy marijuana.

Anamicka Dave, 29, of Albuquerque, was charged after undercover officers posing as pot dealers (I'd like to have seen their "disguises") arranged to meet her through text messages, reports Joe Bartels at KOB Eyewitness News 4.

Dave's Craigslist ad in the "Casual Encounters" section noted that she was new to town and "looking for Mary Jane."

The ad was so blatant, Roswell Police Sgt. Ty Sharpe said he had to make sure it wasn't posted by another undercover officer.

"I was really surprised that someone would actually put on there they were looking for weed -- an actually illegal product -- to the fact that I called my boss to make sure it wasn't one of our guys trying to do a reverse sting," Sharpe said.

Police met the clueless woman in a parking lot and arrested her for "criminal solicitation."

Cited here: Toke of the Town

To be Loved or NOT to be Loved

How does a 15 year old girl go from being a physically beaten, tortured, bullied pariah, to becoming an international power house? Purchase your copy to find out how she did it. :-)

The Moments - "Not On The Outside"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Purchase Lloyd's Album, Folks! This Poor Talented Man Can Use All The Help He Can Get!

Lloyd's albums are bangers and rockers! Purchase your copy on Amazon :)


Gap Band "Steppin' (Out) "

My'onna Torres Went Missing. Please Share This Post!!

My'onna Torres has gone missing from a Chuck E Cheese in Baltimore, MD on Sept 17, 2011. If you've seen her, call 410-887-0872

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(Laughing My A$$ Off) 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Review By Paul Mooney Jr

Ebony Ebony Ebony Ebony!

Purchase your copy today!

Sad but so very true

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Jackie Wilson - "Please Tell Me Why"

70-Year Old Woman Beats, Bites, And Fights 14-Yr OId Boy On School Bus

Scarred For Life: 55-Year-Old HIV-Positive Woman Had Sex With A 12-Year-Old Boy!

Jackie Wilson "Brand New Thing"

Jackie Wilson - "I'll Be Satisfied"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jackie Wilson "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" (1957)

Esperanza Spalding "She Got to You"

RINGO4LIFE2: T.D. Jakes & The HIV_AIDS Crisis In Black America.PT.2 (Re-Uploaded)

RINGO4LIFE2: T.D. Jakes & The HIV_AIDS Crisis In Black America.PT.1 (Re-Uploaded)

Lloyd's Video Chat with Fans - Sept 23

Lloyd's Video Chat with Fans - Sept. 23, 2011 from Lloyd Ladies on Vimeo.

The JBs "Gimme Some More"

Marvin Gaye - "God Is Love" (Original Version)

Hot 104.1's Janee' Interviews Lloyd at Super Jam 5

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Willie Hutch "Out There"

Willie Hutch "Theme Of Foxy Brown"

Christmas and other holidays are wicked discussed on Dr. Phill

Vybz Kartel Launches Skin Bleaching Product Line Designed For Men

This is no Saturday Night Live skit. It’s real life.

Awaiting trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder has not killed Vybz Kartel’s entrepreneurial spirit. No shade to the decease, of course. The former Mr. Hanky stunt double is launching his own range of men’s cosmetics this month which includes a variety of skin-brightening products containing hydroquinone.

When one week old dog poo gate first broke back in the beginning of the year Kartel claimed to use cake soap, a clothes-bleaching product, to lighten his skin in order to make his tattoos more visible. But after the Jamaican manufacturer of the product refuted his claims he explained that he actually used his own special blend.

Soon the controversial musician’s secret recipe will be available to buy. Think of it as Carol’s Daughter for the self-loathing market.

Buyer beware. Kartel’s past endorsements track record is a pretty shit one. His line of Daggering condoms had a reputation for splitting.

Cited here: Crunk and Disorderly

Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

Oh My Word! Guess Who?!

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Michael McDonald- We Got More Than We Need

Side Eye Battle lol

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New Edition "If It Isn't Love With Lyrics"

Trey Songz "Does He Do It"

Lloyd "Shake It 4 Daddy"

My Latest Freelance Gig

Greetings, international fans!

You are now speaking to a natural hair freelance writer. Yes, I will be compensated for my weekly contributions. And I'll be scouring for more PAID freelance writing gigs that offer similar assignments. I am ecstatic and elated! The most high is opening a can of success for me. I must also credit myself for all my diligence and persistence. But he gets most of the glory, of course. ^_^ Cheeaaaa babaaaay!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Al Green "Right Now, Right Now"

Al Green "One Night Stand"

My Sister Has Lost Her Muthaflipping Mind!!!!

Yesterday, my sister (who thinks she's some fashion maven) donned, a dark pink nylon and polyester woven blouse with brown mini shorts, and a black leather belt above her protruding stomach. (Laughing my ass off). And she isn't pregnant, although, she looks like she's in her third trimester. Any who, I couldn't fathom watching her wear that leather belt high above her stomach, which was a few centimeters below her breasts. She thinks she's a world class super model, looking like world class pig in a tight ass blanket. I'm a curvaceous woman myself and I'm no fashion guru. However, I can discern classiness from tackiness. My sister gets an A + in tackiness and an F - in classiness! I'm all for embracing your body, but I'm also for embodying self-respect. First off, her blouse doesn't fit her frame and second off, she has love handles crawling down her back. And to top it off, her bra straps were showing. When she sported that belt, it caused her D-cup bosoms to spill over like the love handles on her back. (Shaking my head) She relentlessly taunted me for the way I dressed, but at least I don't resemble an over stuffed German sausage. Come on now...if you're going to tell people how to dress, you should exemplify it. My sister is nine years younger than me. She's temperamental and she's infused with lust. She also thinks she knows every damn thing. Typical. I'm having a field day watching her make a world class ass out of herself daily. Because she's a reflection of the old me, minus the ill-fitting clothes, temperament, and lustiness. lol


Lloyd Interview With Mitch and Suave


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Come here Rude Boy (In My Rihanna Voice) LMAO!

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Video Surfaces Of Gay African Man Being Beaten, Burned To Death

Warning: Video Is Extremely Graphic, Watch With Caution


Last night was my third time giving my World Building Workshop to kids. Let me just say, when I started the journey of an author, I had no idea where it would lead.

The best part of writing for kids, for me at least, is watching their innocent, thirsty faces light up when you’ve given them some of your time. There are some other enlightening parts of promoting my book that make me laugh and shake my head with disbelief.


I am lucky, because I have the natural gift of gab. I love people. Talking and interacting with young people is something I’ve always loved to do. Thank goodness for it, because if I wasn’t, it would be a difficult endeavor to set out in promoting myself as an author.

I do a series of workshops and speaks to kids at schools, learning centers, book clubs and so on. My event’s coordinator is keeping me extremely busy. Thankfully, she usually supports my events by being there and helping everything to move smoothly.

Workshops are a great way to meet your audience. I also get tons of feedback from them, and material for my books. One kid even asked me if the world they built at the workshop could be used in my next book.

There is a lot of planning that goes into doing workshops, and as a first time author, the pay is minimum. Usually the event cost more for me to give then I actually sell in books. We even do a raffle at the event and give away books, posters, key chains, and magnets. However, for me this is a great compliment to my author platform, and I love doing them.


Okay, picture this, you are sitting at a decorated table and there is a line out the door of people waiting to purchase your book. NOT! That is not the reality for a first time author – heck even an experienced author that is little known.

If you are going to do a book signing - and you want to actually sell a book, you have to work for it. That means you have to engage people. Speak up and work them over to your table. Have your one minute pitch ready.

When I went on my five bookstore tour I was extremely nervous. I had no idea what to expect. After I warmed up at the first store, and only sold a measly two books, I asked the store manager for tips.

She told me to walk up to incoming customers with book in hand and invite them to my table. My husband was also there, he has about twenty years of sales behind him, and told me to give my pitch then have them read the first page of the book.

Guess what?! It worked! I sold almost all of the pre-ordered books for all five stores. The store managers told my events coordinator to call them for another order, and that they would love to have us back. Wow! Now, I worked my tail off. I was so tired after that mini-tour I slept for ten hours.


If you are writing and think that your publisher will do all of your marketing for your book you are – WRONG. You should sit down with your publisher, build two marketing plans. One plan should be for all the free marketing opportunities you can feasibly complete. The other marketing plan should combine your publishers marketing dollars for your book, and your marketing dollars for your book.

Start marketing at least 8 months before release date. My publisher made it clear to me that to release my books without proper build up is a waste of time, money, and effort. Boy was he ever right. Spend an hour a day on marketing, and you will be surprise at your progress.


Getting to the point where people know you and your book takes work. Lots, and lots of work. If you are not willing to do the work, then set your expectations for your book’s success accordingly.

If you are willing to do the work, be realistic about your expectations, work to improve your marketing strategies and yourself as a writer…hold on. You may just be more successful at it than you would have ever thought possible.

Cited here: Impreston

Blessings and Lessons

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Do Your Research Authors and Editors. This Is Very Informative Video

Beauty: Nappiology: A Conference for Natural-Haired Sistahs

October 10th, 2011 - By Brande Victorian

We know black women are serious about their hair and now those who are rocking natural styles don’t have to limit their hair care knowledge to trial and error. The one-day Nappiology Expo in North Texas aims to teach women of color about the flexibility of unprocessed hair.

More than 1,000 African American women are expected show up for the event on Nov. 5 in Hurtst, Texas. The three-year-old conference is the brainchild of De Johnson, a mother who stopped using relaxers when she became pregnant 21 years ago. Just four years ago she stopped pressing her hair altogether and started wearing it “nappy.” This is the third year the conference has been in existence.

“When I started doing research on styles and products, I learned that there were so many more options for how I could wear my hair than I had ever imagined,” she told the Dallas South News. “It is the mission of Nappiology to educate, embrace, and celebrate natural beautiful African American hair and our nappy roots.”

According to consumer spending and market research firm Mintel, in the last two years chemical hair relaxer sales have dropped by 12 percent. Overall, black hair care products represent a $10 billion industry.

“Hair care companies and local stylists are finding that the natural hair care business is a fast growing segment of the hair care market,” De Johnson said. “One-third of our Nappiology members spend more than $300 per year on natural hair care products.”

Nine workshops are scheduled for the expo:

I’m natural…now what?
I just love my wooly hair!
I’ve tried everything to treat my hair loss and NOTHING works!
That Hair Thing: Sisterlocks
Hair Rules
Loc Styling
The Nuts and Bolts of Hair Locking
The Grocery Store Natural Hair Regimen
Healthy hair vs. Damaged hair

A number of vendors will also be on site with their products, including NappyBliss, a salon and boutique in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Amazing Botanicals, and Dr. Amerson’s Therapeutic Essentials.

Having never attended any type of hair show or convention, I’m curious about what ultimately drives women to attend these conventions. It also makes me think that if there were similar conferences for women who relax their hair (and there may be some that I’m not aware of), maybe these women wouldn’t have such horror stories about straightening their tresses.

Where do you get tips on how to style your hair (natural/straight)? Would you consider attending Nappiology or a similar conference?

Cited here: Madam Noire

Cooked! Model Who Ate Husband Wants Parole

COSTA MESA, CA — A former model who was convicted of killing her husband, dismembering his body parts, and then cooking and eating them in 1991 is currently asking for parole.

Omaima Aree Nelson is asking for parole for the second time after being denied in 2006.

Cited here: News One

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Triple Crown Publisher, Vickie Stringer is Coming Under fire for Stealing From Authors and Her Employees and Mistreating Them: Authors, Publishers, and Editors PLEASE Be Vigilant!

Disclaimer: I'm not the author of this article. I've never had any affiliation with Vickie Stringer (Thank goodness). I'm just sharing this report with you all. Here's the website where it can be found: Rip off (Click the link)

This article and the companion piece about a publisher are being published under the First Amendment. It may be freely quoted or copied in full with attribution. AFTER READING THIS WOULD YOU TRUST DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON ETC…….
I did not want to write this piece. I am an entrepreneur. In this case, I have to speak out, in part to warn readers/individuals that this can happen to them. The personal consequences were severe and have seriously disrupted my life. Everything in this post is true. I have direct evidence obtained through multiple witnesses, and if called to, I will repeat it all under oath. While reading this, ask yourself, how would you feel and what would you do if you were confronted with a manager who did these things to you?
Before publishing this, I was concerned that it would expose me to further harassment. I decided to go public after hiring a private investigator to do a background check. I had to respond. I just wish the other party had been reasonable, as there were dozens of ways to deal with the situation amicably. I did not want this outcome.
First I am not bemoaning what was – life goes on! However, I have little sympathy, for this employer/business to draw conclusions about my work abilities, judgment, maturity and professionalism based on the lack of integrity shown by this employer. All I want is what is DUE ME! POINT BLANK BOTTOMLINE!

I should have taken the clues when this employer was badmouthing past employees as well as sharing personal/confidential information regarding previous employees, and the constant turnover coupled with the way the accounting department was horrendously ran. Need I say more?

When it comes to the world of work, there is so much you don't control: your boss, co-workers, clients and customers, company policies and the direction a company is heading. Don't give up the one key thing you do control: your professionalism and reputation. It's in your hands and it can make or break a career, so manage it wisely.

I was offered the position of Operational Manager at Triple Crown Publication; the International leader of the urban fiction renaissance. To make my story short, because I still plain on suing this company, and continue notifying the public about the lack of integrity, etc., shown once I left. Bottom line, the job was not a GREAT fit. The company finances “QuickBooks” were inexcusable, which made it look like I was slow in handling my task. Never the less I did my job well, with what I had to work with. There was an error with the checking account/QuickBooks which resulted in vendors being paid that where not slated to be paid at that time according to this employer. I was basically accused of sending out checks without a signature and the bank cashed these checks. However these checks were written 2 months prior to my employment and I had never seen these checks. I was not fired, per say but felt very uncomfortable if this employer could place blame on me for things that occurred before my employment, what type of character did they truly have? The irony which was MORALLY WRONG and ILLEGAL, my last paycheck was reduced with out my knowledge. Prior to beginning my employment I was sent a letter offer/contract which clearly stated my salary. My original paycheck was correct; however my final paycheck was completely off. When I noticed that there had been an oversight, trying to be professional, because I assumed it was an OVERSIGHT; I sent an email to the employer, and was basically cursed out and sent several vulgar text messages which I still have for proof, stating do not contact this business again, etc. Need I say more! To date I have not received the funds due me. As a matter of fact, I was told by this employer via text “take your peanuts, meaning my little paycheck-basically saying, “all I pay my staff is peanuts.” It hard enough to accept a job with no medical benefits, no workers’ compensation, and the salary is low, but then to be dogged and disrespected because you think you can, well understand this TCP you can’t here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand it hard to change old ways – once in the streets, it takes true maturity to stay on the straight course; therefore you do not burn bridges. Karma is for real.


Author T. Styles Puts Triple Crown Publication's Ceo, Vickie Stringer On Blast

This is a must watch!

Mike & The Censations "There's Nothing I Can Do"

Woman Finds Mother Alive in the Morgue

The authorities have told you that your mother has passed and you have to identify her body at the morgue.

This was Rosangela Celestrino’s story. But her story didn’t end like most people in the morgue. She actually left with her mother. Celestrino, the young Brazilian woman, said she went to kiss her mother and noticed she as breathing.

It’s a generally happy story aside from the fact that Celestrino’s mother laid in a cold morgue for two hours.

The doctor who pronounced Celestrino’s mother dead was fired.

Cited here: Madam Noire

Immature feat Kel Mitchell "Watch me do my thing"

Ramsey Lewis "Spider Man"

Hope, Job, and Cash

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chocolate Beauty

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I am Powerful

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Midnight Munchies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sade - "Soldier Of Love"

Sade - "Feel No Pain"

Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock & Zoe Saldana To Star In Bernie Mac Movie

Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock and Zoe Saldana have been lined up to star in a Bernie Mac documentary.

The comedian sadly passed away in 2008 due to complications with pneumonia. Now, Image Entertainment have acquired the rights to the film. I Ain't Scared Of You: A Tribute To Bernie Mac, will feature never-before-seen footage of Bernie's early performances in addition to his classic shows.

Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson, Zoe Saldana and Chris Rock will make appearances in the movie, paying tribute to the much-loved comedian.

Bernie was only 50 when he died.

Will you be watching his documentary?

Cited here: Tale Tela

I Had to Post This LOL

Oooooh la laaaaa :-)

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Sade "Cherish The Day" (Video)

Do You Still Hate Your Life?

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Throw Back Pics Of Lloyd, Ashanti, and Perv Fatti

My, my, my...Lloyd used to be a goon LMAO!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Are or were you a victim of domestic abuse?

Have you ever been a victim of rape? Are you in a situation that is getting the best of you and you need to find that inner strength to leave? You may need to read Ebony's story. Purchase your copy now!


Take Notes!

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What The Flying Flipping.......

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Live Your Life

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Worst Thing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bugs won't eat it, mold won't even grow on it. It's NOT FOOD, folks! Ewwww!!!!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm Allergic To Negative People

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tony Clarke "The Entertainer"

R & B Singer Lloyd Needs to Endorse My Novel "Ebony the Beloved" and Cease Entertaining These Losers(ettes)

Welcome back, international fans! Today, I'm in a blogoholic mood (as usual) and I'm going to roast, post, expose, and dispose! That's right. I'm going to voice MY opinions on MY blog today! The "fuckery stench" is assaulting my nose and it's making me gag convulsively! Therefore it needs to be addressed and laid to rest! Uh ha! (In my rapper Khia voice)

(Shake my damn head at Lloyd) Lloyd, did you get the telegram in the UK yet? lol Perv Fatti (Irv Gotti)recently defecated on your good character via Rap Fix Live. I just hope he wiped his ass properly. Because his Georgia Dome sized frame, requires him to remove every lint, crust, cum, and shit particles he amasses in his massive mud hole. But with his short stubby fingers, that task would be as hard as upholding his relevance. Now, there's two sides to every story and I've listened to both grievances. Lloyd, you expressed your experiences at the rubble (The Inc) with class, pizazz, diplomacy and poise. While Perv Fatti on the other hand, took a huge chunk out of your good name, swallowed it, and shitted it out! I mean..hasn't this man eaten enough already?! If he isn't getting wider by the food he consumes, he's indefinitely getting wider by the names he consume. LMAO! Food and "overly cocky stocky bastard'ism" is a helluva drug, Perv Fatti. Lloyd, when you were under Perv Fatt's roster, your first album went gold, your second album went platinum, but your third album went double lumber wood. Nuff said. Your third album was good. It just wasn't received or promoted well. Thanks to Perv Fatti, of course.

Instead of Perv Fatti investing his time into building and catapulting your name, he expended all his time and efforts on Ja Fool's album (which became a drop flop after all) and then Ja Fool's simple ass landed in the rock for tax evasion. What a waste! Ya see, Lloyd, this is the reason why you're so damn underrated now. Your talent and presence should not be brushed off like newly released flatulence. And you deserve waaaaaay more support and respect than that! And your credibility is more intact than Vivica Fox's surgically enhanced face. Perv Fatti said he wants to be the president for Def Jam, but he couldn't even save Murder Inc or his artists. Chile Boo! (In my rapper Khia voice). Perv Fatti, if you keep smelling your funky ass self any further, you're going to croak from "Fat, funky, bastard'itis" CUT IT OUT! Lol. Lloyd shouldn't even address you, because he's bigger than that AND YOU! If he does respond to you, he should murder you with kindness. The interview you did, has been the biggest hit of your career since the hits you haven't produce in nearly a decade. You should lay off the Ho-Ho's, build your blubbery body, character, AND relevance. You have been inducted into my "Sit Your Parched Irrelevant Ass Down" hall of shame! CHECK PLEASE!

And as for you, Lloyd, you aren't off the hook, my dear! You're still entertaining puppies when you should be stomping with the big dogs (yours truly) you give your all to all these rapscallions who never had your best interest at heart in the first doggone place. Aside from Perv Fatti, you nearly ended your career on a dotted line with this self hating, potty mouth almighty, long throat everlasting batzilla, @SmplyCmplexSoul on Twitter. Read her "I'm a dejected jizz bucket with too much time on my dry ass hands" tweets and you'll see what I'm talking about. In my book, she's also known as, soul blow, because she's a self-proclaimed pipe blower (If you know what I'm alluding to) her other names include coonstress and succubus. The reason I call her a coonstress is because she's more ghetto than a knock-off Louis Vuitton tote at a liquor store. And the reason I call her a succubus is because she's a malicious female sex demon. That's right. And not only that, she'll stop at nothing to reap what she think is owed to her. Even if she has to blow a man's instrument to obtain money. Does Aisha Marie Coffey ring a bell to you, Lloyd? It's been nearly three years and she's still a broke, worn-up, worn-out, and disgruntled groupie-twat. It's amazingly ironic and metaphoric that her last name is Coffey, she's black and she's bitter! Some of you are probably wondering why I'm ripping this broad a new orifice. Long story short, she used to criticize me for tweeting Lloyd all day and she used to sling vitriol at Lloyd on his own Kyte channel. And not only that, she openly spoke about the "rendezvous" she had with him when he was in her neck of the woods while on tour.

I'm not going to go into details, because I'm sure if/when she reads this blog post, she'll know what the hell I'm talking about. And Lloyd, if you had any sexual dealings with that cunt mouth broad, I hope you disinfected your penis with Lysol Disinfectant Spray and lemon scented bleach. Even after wearing a condom! That is all! LMAO!!!!!

This girl profusely swallows anti-depressant meds in the same fashion she swallows children. I mean..who wants to have someone represent them not knowing that they lack internet professionalism while inviting random people into their bedroom over the internet. No one cares to know that your "Mister" ate your decayed funk box the night before. And how many ailments do you have, girl? What the f*ck is really going on (In my Rapper Khia voice) LMAO! Telling strangers and friends all of your business over the internet, isn't the business, sweetie. You need to revisit your shrink again. And get to the rooter and the tooter of your deep rooted bitterness. And you're also a drunkard. Girl, you're a walking bar with a messed up 0-100 personality. Not only is it internally unattractive, but it's also doing a number on that pale chicken colored face of yours. Uh ha.

You constantly complain about having muscle spasms, chronic coughs, and PMS. I'm not one to praise another person's plight, but your plight, (Clapping until the palm of my hands turn RUBY red). The name of your "company" was called, Seven7Nine Media Group. Whatever happened to that "company", miss thing? Was it that you were hoping to secure Lloyd as a client, but was kicked to the curb at the last minute? lol Or was it because you were hoping to earn 30 stacks in two months, but couldn't afford to keep up with the nominal monthly domain payments?! Trial and error much? Naw, you're just broke as blaze! lol Remember you told me that Lloyd was going to be your client and that you'll be earning 30 grand in two months? What happened? LMAO! Or were you under the illusion and delusion that this man was going to drop 30 stacks on your dirt napping ass company to resurrect it? LMAO!!!!!!!! I told you it was a pipe dream. Lloyd, I'm glad you dropped this broad, because she would have been the demise of your damn career! Hiring a PR person who watch porn, while bashing your name, and booking you for shows, would have been VERY unbecoming LOL!!!!! Lloyd, you have to be careful about the company you admit into your inner circle! InfilTRAITORS with ulterior motives will drag you to the sewer gutter with them! Miss thing, you should stick to what you know: Working for the government slave master and staying in your lane. You're not mentally-fit for this business. CHECK PLEASE!

Look what the Baltimore sewer river spewed in!

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At first, I wasn't going to ugly-fy my page with her struggling, lush 45 year old face, but I feel people should witness the kinds of filth Lloyd does/has entertain(ed). This don' make no doggone sense (In my Bernie Mac voice). And I've already spoken my peace about his faux ass fan club. They're more like a clique than a damn fan club. I don't find the need to waste anymore keystrokes on them, because I don't see Lloyd wasting keystrokes by retweeting anything they tweet anymore. LMAO! Moving on....

Lloyd, I'm an author with a REAL career who wants to see you scroll up the ladder. You don't get the accolades you deserve and that's why I mentioned your name in my book a few times. My book has mass appeal and it will benefit the both of us. I'm endorsing you, therefore you should endorse my book. I have the ability and the credibility to do it! Your time shouldn't be expended on people who never gave a damn about you from the beginning. My intentions are genuine and I'd love to network with you and laugh all the way to the bank with you. You really need to step your game up, Mister Beaks! You could be a whole lot bigger if you filter out the bullshitters. You need to call a sista! AND PLEASE HIRE A DAMN STYLIST! LOL! That alarming neon yellow ass Adida sweat suit you donned the other day, nearly burned my eyes out of my head! And you need to stay out of Bruno Mars's closet. That little ass Fred Sanford gray hat you wore was some HELL-TO-THE-NAWL! If Tamika Foster is too busy to style you, I know of an impressionable fashion connoisseur named, Cora Jennings. She even offered to style you for free. And I know she'll do an outstanding job. You need a fashion fix! lol

And while you're at it, my book is available for purchase via Amazon and it's going to take off! I know you're busy touring and all. So, I plan to pay you a visit very soon, Sammy Davis Jr Jr. IT'S YOUNG GOLDIE BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

Sha boing boing boing! :-)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

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How to Naturally Thicken Your Hair

by Sherrell Dorsey of Organic Beauty Vixen

My head is big. I’ve dealt with that fact my entire life and struggled with finding the right hats to add style without drawing attention to the circumference. Although my head is pretty voluptuous my hair is pretty thin. Keeping my hair natural has allowed me to keep up the appearance of thick hair but I’ve always envied those with hair to spare.

I did everything to get that full mane including adding an egg to my shampoo and over-saturating my hair with conditioners all to end up in vain. Now, since my hair is locked, I’ve been able to focus on how to pair my normal hair care routine with natural treatments to keep my locks healthy, breakage-free and nurtured.

Here are a few quick ways to keep your hair strong and naturally thicken your hair:

Hair Vitamins – I’ve been on my Viviscal kick for the past few months which has helped to add incredible moisture to my hair. My edges have been regrowing slowly as well but I’m also wearing my hair down more these days to prevent further breakage.

Natural Oils- Get your aromatherapy on by massaging your scalp regularly with natural oils you can easily apply to your scalp and hair. Oils like lavender, rosemary, jojoba, and grapeseed are natural solutions to help thicken your hair as you circulate your blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Eggs – Adding an egg to my shampoo wasn’t enough. Try mixing up a quick hair mask by applying the egg onto your hair, massage in and leave it on for no longer than five minutes. Do this egg mask treatment weekly to add protein to your hair and strengthen your strands.

Stay away – Shampoos that contain sulfates like sodium laureth sulfate can strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Sulfates are detergents, terrible for color, and give your shampoo that lather at the expense of your precious locks. Carol’s Daughter Monoi collection is what I’ve been using the past few months that contain coconut oil and help to reduce breakage and strengthen hair. Paraben and Sulfate free my locks have never felt softer and more healthy.

What have you done to naturally thicken your hair? Please share your tips and remedies with me.

CN Says:

*singing* you already know...

By now, I'm sure you're aware that I love big hair. For me, a steady vitamin regimen, henna and low manipulation styles coupled with finger detangling get 'er done.

Vitamins- Still taking Green Vibrance... not as regularly as I should, but at least 4 times a week

Henna- I've been regularly henna'ing for 2 months now and plan to do another treatment next weekend. I have 1-3 inch long hairs sprouting out around my hair line... behind my ears, at my nape... baby hairs popping! It's amazing how the henna can strengthen strands that may have been to weak to grow out previously. In a year or so, I should definitely be able to detect an increase in volume.

Low manipulation styles- It's simple really. The less I play in my hair, the fewer strands I lose prematurely to damage. I also find that using my fingers, as opposed to a paddle brush or comb, keeps more strands on my head.


Sherrell Dorsey is a natural beauty expert, writer, speaker and advocate of health, wellness and sustainability in communities of color. In addition to creating, Sherrell writes beauty articles for Tyra Banks's beauty and fashion site, Jones Magazine, and Posh Beauty. Follow Sherrell on twitter at and connect with her on facebook at

Cited here: Curly Nikki

Jungle Love

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