Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty: Nappiology: A Conference for Natural-Haired Sistahs

October 10th, 2011 - By Brande Victorian

We know black women are serious about their hair and now those who are rocking natural styles don’t have to limit their hair care knowledge to trial and error. The one-day Nappiology Expo in North Texas aims to teach women of color about the flexibility of unprocessed hair.

More than 1,000 African American women are expected show up for the event on Nov. 5 in Hurtst, Texas. The three-year-old conference is the brainchild of De Johnson, a mother who stopped using relaxers when she became pregnant 21 years ago. Just four years ago she stopped pressing her hair altogether and started wearing it “nappy.” This is the third year the conference has been in existence.

“When I started doing research on styles and products, I learned that there were so many more options for how I could wear my hair than I had ever imagined,” she told the Dallas South News. “It is the mission of Nappiology to educate, embrace, and celebrate natural beautiful African American hair and our nappy roots.”

According to consumer spending and market research firm Mintel, in the last two years chemical hair relaxer sales have dropped by 12 percent. Overall, black hair care products represent a $10 billion industry.

“Hair care companies and local stylists are finding that the natural hair care business is a fast growing segment of the hair care market,” De Johnson said. “One-third of our Nappiology members spend more than $300 per year on natural hair care products.”

Nine workshops are scheduled for the expo:

I’m natural…now what?
I just love my wooly hair!
I’ve tried everything to treat my hair loss and NOTHING works!
That Hair Thing: Sisterlocks
Hair Rules
Loc Styling
The Nuts and Bolts of Hair Locking
The Grocery Store Natural Hair Regimen
Healthy hair vs. Damaged hair

A number of vendors will also be on site with their products, including NappyBliss, a salon and boutique in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Amazing Botanicals, and Dr. Amerson’s Therapeutic Essentials.

Having never attended any type of hair show or convention, I’m curious about what ultimately drives women to attend these conventions. It also makes me think that if there were similar conferences for women who relax their hair (and there may be some that I’m not aware of), maybe these women wouldn’t have such horror stories about straightening their tresses.

Where do you get tips on how to style your hair (natural/straight)? Would you consider attending Nappiology or a similar conference?

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