Monday, October 10, 2011

My Sister Has Lost Her Muthaflipping Mind!!!!

Yesterday, my sister (who thinks she's some fashion maven) donned, a dark pink nylon and polyester woven blouse with brown mini shorts, and a black leather belt above her protruding stomach. (Laughing my ass off). And she isn't pregnant, although, she looks like she's in her third trimester. Any who, I couldn't fathom watching her wear that leather belt high above her stomach, which was a few centimeters below her breasts. She thinks she's a world class super model, looking like world class pig in a tight ass blanket. I'm a curvaceous woman myself and I'm no fashion guru. However, I can discern classiness from tackiness. My sister gets an A + in tackiness and an F - in classiness! I'm all for embracing your body, but I'm also for embodying self-respect. First off, her blouse doesn't fit her frame and second off, she has love handles crawling down her back. And to top it off, her bra straps were showing. When she sported that belt, it caused her D-cup bosoms to spill over like the love handles on her back. (Shaking my head) She relentlessly taunted me for the way I dressed, but at least I don't resemble an over stuffed German sausage. Come on now...if you're going to tell people how to dress, you should exemplify it. My sister is nine years younger than me. She's temperamental and she's infused with lust. She also thinks she knows every damn thing. Typical. I'm having a field day watching her make a world class ass out of herself daily. Because she's a reflection of the old me, minus the ill-fitting clothes, temperament, and lustiness. lol


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