Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vybz Kartel Launches Skin Bleaching Product Line Designed For Men

This is no Saturday Night Live skit. It’s real life.

Awaiting trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder has not killed Vybz Kartel’s entrepreneurial spirit. No shade to the decease, of course. The former Mr. Hanky stunt double is launching his own range of men’s cosmetics this month which includes a variety of skin-brightening products containing hydroquinone.

When one week old dog poo gate first broke back in the beginning of the year Kartel claimed to use cake soap, a clothes-bleaching product, to lighten his skin in order to make his tattoos more visible. But after the Jamaican manufacturer of the product refuted his claims he explained that he actually used his own special blend.

Soon the controversial musician’s secret recipe will be available to buy. Think of it as Carol’s Daughter for the self-loathing market.

Buyer beware. Kartel’s past endorsements track record is a pretty shit one. His line of Daggering condoms had a reputation for splitting.

Cited here: Crunk and Disorderly

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