Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New

Shalom everyone! I'm feeling great! I'll be moving into another domicile this week while I'll be working on my first website.'s been activated for a few months now but it only has a title Lol. Welp anywhore...I had ANOTHER job interview last week and I'll find out by Tuesday if I'm hired or not. I recently closed my Face Book account because it's contaminated with all sorts of foolery. It took for me to realize that it wasn't Face Book. Instead, it was the kind of people I befriended. I chatted with some of them for over two years now and I never met them in person. I grew tired of the humdrum discourse about Lloyd and how unfulfilled my life was. Not only that, I came under fire for some of the pejorative comments I made about their mickey mouse fan club which is dedicated to him. For some of you who may not know, I'm a die-hard Lloyd STANatic and I've been advocating him for over three years now. Long story short...I no longer speak to some of his other minions/so-called acquaintences; in fact, I burnt some bridges with two of the fans I was still amicable with; however, I most certainly will NOT retract any of the opprobrious remarks I made. You can pour sugar on a piece of turd but it's not going to look or taste like a brownie. (I'm not going to sugar coat bullshit). The situation could have been handled differently but I strongly doubt it. A majority of the people in his community are either, stuck up, illiterate, nigga-fied, scorpionic, childish, fraudulent, stale, or just too damn OLD to be salivating over him. I guess that goes for any artist Lol I'm just glad I renounced that crowd because they have practically dumb me down to the sewer pit. That's why I'm redeeming myself Lmao! Welp in more relevant news..I'm going to start my own social networking book club and I can't express how zealous I am about it. I also have another website that's in the works and my book is slated to be released this November. I'm also trying to acquire the Hebrew Israelite knowledge and while doing so, I'm coming across some intriguing deep stuff; although, I've been taught about most of it for many years. Welp..that's the best news I ever had since initiating this blog. Stay tuned for more good news :-)...*POOF*

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Greetings new followers! *Waves* I'm happy to announce that I found a life success coach who offered to assist me with materializing my writing career free of charge :D My novel is currently being edited. Two out of three isn't bad, but I still want to occupy the third slot Lol. I concede that I spent too much time sleuthing celebrities when I should be focusing on what matters the most. I could give a shit less about who The Dream is fornicating with or Amber Rose getting her hoo hoo tongued by Nicki Van-Dyke. I'm going to invest valuable time into edu-taining myself about HIStory while mapping out my future. Time waits for no one and that is why I'm going to use it sagely. Invest your time responsibly folks because tomorrow isn't a promise to anyone :-)