Friday, November 22, 2013

Young Woman Tweets ’2 Drunk 2 Care’ Just Before Causing A Deadly Car Accident

I wonder if she'll be too "2 drunk 2 care" when those butchies put wire hangers and phallus shaped objects up her ass in prison. Hmmm...(click the link)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beware of Linda "Fake Ass Queen of Radio" Evans

For all the REAL professionals who are seeking exposure and are serious about making money, if you ever plan to be a guest on blog talk radio, just beware of Linda "Fake Ass Queen of Radio" Evans. Sure, you can be a guest on her show but she isn't who she portrays herself as. The name of her talk show is "A Touch of Reality" and it's on Blog Talk Radio. I used to know this broad personally and BELIIEEEEEVE me, she's more full of shit than a septic tank at an overcrowded prison. She's the self-proclaimed queen of radio who has no track record to save the radio career she NEVER had. She resides in an old shack with her dog, Shera, that she abuses and she lives off her so-called white best friend, Kevin. Linda Evans is a fake and a fraud and FULL-time BROAD. Use her show as a platform to get your name out there but do not- I REPEAT- do NOT get too involved with that woman. That loona-ticky (lunatic) bitch has a 0-100 personality. She keeps blowing smoke up her own ass, believing that her radio show is going to be transformed into a HIT TV show in Rockford, Illinois. Ain't nobody going to invest in a so-called professional who treats people like poop on a toilet seat. The woman is a self-centered, UMEMPLOYED, surly, delusional, opportunistic sociopath. Use her show for exposure and then dispose of her. You've been warned. Bossladywriter

What to Expect

You all can expect a few blog updates per day from me because I'm back on the grind and I'm going harder than ever before. Oh, and I'll be doing an ongoing book tour so if any of you do radio or know someone who does, and would like to have me a guest, email me at

Stalk Me & Salute Me

Folks, you can follow my fan page entitled "Hannah Dorothy Spivey" for literary updates and you can follow me on Twitter @Bossladywriter. I have A LOT more coming your way. Oh, and to the pseudo ass editor whose last name is Randolph, word on the street is I'll be featured in Lashonda Devaughn's upcoming anthology "Love is a Bitch" which will be available for purchase via Amazon and Barnes and Nobles on November 30. Mark your calendar, boo and give credit to where it's due. Not bad for a "non-factor", huh? (Laughing my ass off) And back to regular scheduled programming! ;-) Bossladywriter

Guess Who's Baaaaack!

Sorry, folks! I've been missing in action because I was dealing with personal matters and I've been trying to build my PR business. Any who, I am happy to announce that I'll be dropping my debut novel "The Bold and the Ugly Truth" around February of next year. It will be an e-book first and then it will be an actual paperback book, tooo. Also, I am featured in Lashonda Devaughn's upcoming anthology "Love is a Bitch" which will be released on November 30th. I am UBER excited. Stay tuned for more frequent updates. :-) Bossladywriter