Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Ebony the Beloved" is Now Available on Kindlegraph

You can purchase my novel "Ebony the Beloved" on Kindle for $0.99. Plus, you'll receive an autograph here: Kindlegraph Bossladywriter

Bobby Womack - You're Welcome, Stop On By - UA

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People (Reproduction Extended)

I'm Finally in Atlanta Making Moves

I know there's been a dry spell on my blog lately but I have been preoccupied with my stuff in order. I am proud to pronounce that I am a new ATLIEN (Atlanta resident). I've wanted to come here for three years and I'm finally here. ALL PRAISES TO THE FATHER! Any who, I am still getting situated but in the mean time, I will be releasing three more ebooks on Kindle this month. I will keep you guys updated about those. So, if you're looking for good summer reads, you'll have not one, but THREE hot ebooks to read by me. I have also secured a new writing partner and we're already working on our first upcoming ebook together. Things have been hectic and bumpy but they're slowly and gradually smoothing out like silk. Stay tuned for more details, readers. In the meanwhile, purchase your copy of "Ebony the Beloved" and "Whooty Cash" on Kindle if you haven't already. Ebony the Beloved Whooty Cash