Saturday, October 8, 2011

Triple Crown Publisher, Vickie Stringer is Coming Under fire for Stealing From Authors and Her Employees and Mistreating Them: Authors, Publishers, and Editors PLEASE Be Vigilant!

Disclaimer: I'm not the author of this article. I've never had any affiliation with Vickie Stringer (Thank goodness). I'm just sharing this report with you all. Here's the website where it can be found: Rip off (Click the link)

This article and the companion piece about a publisher are being published under the First Amendment. It may be freely quoted or copied in full with attribution. AFTER READING THIS WOULD YOU TRUST DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON ETC…….
I did not want to write this piece. I am an entrepreneur. In this case, I have to speak out, in part to warn readers/individuals that this can happen to them. The personal consequences were severe and have seriously disrupted my life. Everything in this post is true. I have direct evidence obtained through multiple witnesses, and if called to, I will repeat it all under oath. While reading this, ask yourself, how would you feel and what would you do if you were confronted with a manager who did these things to you?
Before publishing this, I was concerned that it would expose me to further harassment. I decided to go public after hiring a private investigator to do a background check. I had to respond. I just wish the other party had been reasonable, as there were dozens of ways to deal with the situation amicably. I did not want this outcome.
First I am not bemoaning what was – life goes on! However, I have little sympathy, for this employer/business to draw conclusions about my work abilities, judgment, maturity and professionalism based on the lack of integrity shown by this employer. All I want is what is DUE ME! POINT BLANK BOTTOMLINE!

I should have taken the clues when this employer was badmouthing past employees as well as sharing personal/confidential information regarding previous employees, and the constant turnover coupled with the way the accounting department was horrendously ran. Need I say more?

When it comes to the world of work, there is so much you don't control: your boss, co-workers, clients and customers, company policies and the direction a company is heading. Don't give up the one key thing you do control: your professionalism and reputation. It's in your hands and it can make or break a career, so manage it wisely.

I was offered the position of Operational Manager at Triple Crown Publication; the International leader of the urban fiction renaissance. To make my story short, because I still plain on suing this company, and continue notifying the public about the lack of integrity, etc., shown once I left. Bottom line, the job was not a GREAT fit. The company finances “QuickBooks” were inexcusable, which made it look like I was slow in handling my task. Never the less I did my job well, with what I had to work with. There was an error with the checking account/QuickBooks which resulted in vendors being paid that where not slated to be paid at that time according to this employer. I was basically accused of sending out checks without a signature and the bank cashed these checks. However these checks were written 2 months prior to my employment and I had never seen these checks. I was not fired, per say but felt very uncomfortable if this employer could place blame on me for things that occurred before my employment, what type of character did they truly have? The irony which was MORALLY WRONG and ILLEGAL, my last paycheck was reduced with out my knowledge. Prior to beginning my employment I was sent a letter offer/contract which clearly stated my salary. My original paycheck was correct; however my final paycheck was completely off. When I noticed that there had been an oversight, trying to be professional, because I assumed it was an OVERSIGHT; I sent an email to the employer, and was basically cursed out and sent several vulgar text messages which I still have for proof, stating do not contact this business again, etc. Need I say more! To date I have not received the funds due me. As a matter of fact, I was told by this employer via text “take your peanuts, meaning my little paycheck-basically saying, “all I pay my staff is peanuts.” It hard enough to accept a job with no medical benefits, no workers’ compensation, and the salary is low, but then to be dogged and disrespected because you think you can, well understand this TCP you can’t here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand it hard to change old ways – once in the streets, it takes true maturity to stay on the straight course; therefore you do not burn bridges. Karma is for real.


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