Friday, October 7, 2011

R & B Singer Lloyd Needs to Endorse My Novel "Ebony the Beloved" and Cease Entertaining These Losers(ettes)

Welcome back, international fans! Today, I'm in a blogoholic mood (as usual) and I'm going to roast, post, expose, and dispose! That's right. I'm going to voice MY opinions on MY blog today! The "fuckery stench" is assaulting my nose and it's making me gag convulsively! Therefore it needs to be addressed and laid to rest! Uh ha! (In my rapper Khia voice)

(Shake my damn head at Lloyd) Lloyd, did you get the telegram in the UK yet? lol Perv Fatti (Irv Gotti)recently defecated on your good character via Rap Fix Live. I just hope he wiped his ass properly. Because his Georgia Dome sized frame, requires him to remove every lint, crust, cum, and shit particles he amasses in his massive mud hole. But with his short stubby fingers, that task would be as hard as upholding his relevance. Now, there's two sides to every story and I've listened to both grievances. Lloyd, you expressed your experiences at the rubble (The Inc) with class, pizazz, diplomacy and poise. While Perv Fatti on the other hand, took a huge chunk out of your good name, swallowed it, and shitted it out! I mean..hasn't this man eaten enough already?! If he isn't getting wider by the food he consumes, he's indefinitely getting wider by the names he consume. LMAO! Food and "overly cocky stocky bastard'ism" is a helluva drug, Perv Fatti. Lloyd, when you were under Perv Fatt's roster, your first album went gold, your second album went platinum, but your third album went double lumber wood. Nuff said. Your third album was good. It just wasn't received or promoted well. Thanks to Perv Fatti, of course.

Instead of Perv Fatti investing his time into building and catapulting your name, he expended all his time and efforts on Ja Fool's album (which became a drop flop after all) and then Ja Fool's simple ass landed in the rock for tax evasion. What a waste! Ya see, Lloyd, this is the reason why you're so damn underrated now. Your talent and presence should not be brushed off like newly released flatulence. And you deserve waaaaaay more support and respect than that! And your credibility is more intact than Vivica Fox's surgically enhanced face. Perv Fatti said he wants to be the president for Def Jam, but he couldn't even save Murder Inc or his artists. Chile Boo! (In my rapper Khia voice). Perv Fatti, if you keep smelling your funky ass self any further, you're going to croak from "Fat, funky, bastard'itis" CUT IT OUT! Lol. Lloyd shouldn't even address you, because he's bigger than that AND YOU! If he does respond to you, he should murder you with kindness. The interview you did, has been the biggest hit of your career since the hits you haven't produce in nearly a decade. You should lay off the Ho-Ho's, build your blubbery body, character, AND relevance. You have been inducted into my "Sit Your Parched Irrelevant Ass Down" hall of shame! CHECK PLEASE!

And as for you, Lloyd, you aren't off the hook, my dear! You're still entertaining puppies when you should be stomping with the big dogs (yours truly) you give your all to all these rapscallions who never had your best interest at heart in the first doggone place. Aside from Perv Fatti, you nearly ended your career on a dotted line with this self hating, potty mouth almighty, long throat everlasting batzilla, @SmplyCmplexSoul on Twitter. Read her "I'm a dejected jizz bucket with too much time on my dry ass hands" tweets and you'll see what I'm talking about. In my book, she's also known as, soul blow, because she's a self-proclaimed pipe blower (If you know what I'm alluding to) her other names include coonstress and succubus. The reason I call her a coonstress is because she's more ghetto than a knock-off Louis Vuitton tote at a liquor store. And the reason I call her a succubus is because she's a malicious female sex demon. That's right. And not only that, she'll stop at nothing to reap what she think is owed to her. Even if she has to blow a man's instrument to obtain money. Does Aisha Marie Coffey ring a bell to you, Lloyd? It's been nearly three years and she's still a broke, worn-up, worn-out, and disgruntled groupie-twat. It's amazingly ironic and metaphoric that her last name is Coffey, she's black and she's bitter! Some of you are probably wondering why I'm ripping this broad a new orifice. Long story short, she used to criticize me for tweeting Lloyd all day and she used to sling vitriol at Lloyd on his own Kyte channel. And not only that, she openly spoke about the "rendezvous" she had with him when he was in her neck of the woods while on tour.

I'm not going to go into details, because I'm sure if/when she reads this blog post, she'll know what the hell I'm talking about. And Lloyd, if you had any sexual dealings with that cunt mouth broad, I hope you disinfected your penis with Lysol Disinfectant Spray and lemon scented bleach. Even after wearing a condom! That is all! LMAO!!!!!

This girl profusely swallows anti-depressant meds in the same fashion she swallows children. I mean..who wants to have someone represent them not knowing that they lack internet professionalism while inviting random people into their bedroom over the internet. No one cares to know that your "Mister" ate your decayed funk box the night before. And how many ailments do you have, girl? What the f*ck is really going on (In my Rapper Khia voice) LMAO! Telling strangers and friends all of your business over the internet, isn't the business, sweetie. You need to revisit your shrink again. And get to the rooter and the tooter of your deep rooted bitterness. And you're also a drunkard. Girl, you're a walking bar with a messed up 0-100 personality. Not only is it internally unattractive, but it's also doing a number on that pale chicken colored face of yours. Uh ha.

You constantly complain about having muscle spasms, chronic coughs, and PMS. I'm not one to praise another person's plight, but your plight, (Clapping until the palm of my hands turn RUBY red). The name of your "company" was called, Seven7Nine Media Group. Whatever happened to that "company", miss thing? Was it that you were hoping to secure Lloyd as a client, but was kicked to the curb at the last minute? lol Or was it because you were hoping to earn 30 stacks in two months, but couldn't afford to keep up with the nominal monthly domain payments?! Trial and error much? Naw, you're just broke as blaze! lol Remember you told me that Lloyd was going to be your client and that you'll be earning 30 grand in two months? What happened? LMAO! Or were you under the illusion and delusion that this man was going to drop 30 stacks on your dirt napping ass company to resurrect it? LMAO!!!!!!!! I told you it was a pipe dream. Lloyd, I'm glad you dropped this broad, because she would have been the demise of your damn career! Hiring a PR person who watch porn, while bashing your name, and booking you for shows, would have been VERY unbecoming LOL!!!!! Lloyd, you have to be careful about the company you admit into your inner circle! InfilTRAITORS with ulterior motives will drag you to the sewer gutter with them! Miss thing, you should stick to what you know: Working for the government slave master and staying in your lane. You're not mentally-fit for this business. CHECK PLEASE!

Look what the Baltimore sewer river spewed in!

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At first, I wasn't going to ugly-fy my page with her struggling, lush 45 year old face, but I feel people should witness the kinds of filth Lloyd does/has entertain(ed). This don' make no doggone sense (In my Bernie Mac voice). And I've already spoken my peace about his faux ass fan club. They're more like a clique than a damn fan club. I don't find the need to waste anymore keystrokes on them, because I don't see Lloyd wasting keystrokes by retweeting anything they tweet anymore. LMAO! Moving on....

Lloyd, I'm an author with a REAL career who wants to see you scroll up the ladder. You don't get the accolades you deserve and that's why I mentioned your name in my book a few times. My book has mass appeal and it will benefit the both of us. I'm endorsing you, therefore you should endorse my book. I have the ability and the credibility to do it! Your time shouldn't be expended on people who never gave a damn about you from the beginning. My intentions are genuine and I'd love to network with you and laugh all the way to the bank with you. You really need to step your game up, Mister Beaks! You could be a whole lot bigger if you filter out the bullshitters. You need to call a sista! AND PLEASE HIRE A DAMN STYLIST! LOL! That alarming neon yellow ass Adida sweat suit you donned the other day, nearly burned my eyes out of my head! And you need to stay out of Bruno Mars's closet. That little ass Fred Sanford gray hat you wore was some HELL-TO-THE-NAWL! If Tamika Foster is too busy to style you, I know of an impressionable fashion connoisseur named, Cora Jennings. She even offered to style you for free. And I know she'll do an outstanding job. You need a fashion fix! lol

And while you're at it, my book is available for purchase via Amazon and it's going to take off! I know you're busy touring and all. So, I plan to pay you a visit very soon, Sammy Davis Jr Jr. IT'S YOUNG GOLDIE BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

Sha boing boing boing! :-)


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