Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Opportunities, New Me

First and foremost, I'd like to wish all of my minions a truck load of prosperity. 2010 has been a rough and tough year for many of us. Let's use 2010 as a catalyst to culivate our lives. There's a 2nd chance for self-improvement in 2011.We all should exert and assert ourselves by all means. Anywho, I was recently vifilied by a ribald individual who's got a TON of time on her hands. Mind you, she used to follow my previous Twitter account and we're both afficionados of the R&B singer Lloyd. Well let's just say, she let her tongue cash a check her ass couldn't cash or deposit. She accused me of being what I'm good at. Now, what kind of sense does that make? I'm a decent writer and I'm a die hard fan of Lloyd, that's all! She's from the same feather as The Lloyd "Wackettes" Mickey Mouse Crew (Lloyd Ladies Promo Fan Club). I suspect they probably sent one of their rabid pitbulls to bark and growl up my tree. Rather they did or didn't, her epically failed attempts to lambaste my character, was the ultimate hilarity. She dug my previous Twitter account up from the grave and used it to taunt me with it. LOL!If that isn't epic stupidity, I don't know what the hell is. Perhaps, if she and her pathetic cohorts would invest their time sagely, their so-called fan club would be in the same realm as "Trey's Angels." Otherwise, I don't see the sense in reviling someone who's climbing the ladder to success when you're not. You mind as well help me promote my ebooks and fan page instead. I sure can use the promotion. Fostering idle bullshit will serve you NO purpose. Either hop on my bandwagon or jump back in the sewer slop river you came from. I don't need your pessemism or the jive fuckery. Left fielders to the left exit, PLEASE! The difference between me and the TSWB Crew (Talk Shit While Broke Crew), is that I get paid to write blogs and articles while Lloyd pays them NO mind LOL! If they were smart, they would turn that mickey mouse group into a BUSINESS. If they've allowed theirselves to be deluded by the "The Recession is over" claptrap, their hardwork won't ascend no higher than their hollow heads. Lol Anywhore, I'd like to discuss my upcoming novel, "Ebony the Beloved" and my fourth ebook, "Perspectives." I'm elated to announce that, "Ebony the Beloved" will be released on March 15, 2011. It's been a long wait, but the publication date is near. I'll add an excerpt post for my first novel as well as my fourth ebook momentarily. Meanwhile, I'm a new freelance writer with a new outlook on life. Soon, the opportunity floodgates will open wider and a tsunami of opportunities will come rushing in. I'm going to keep pressing until I get what I've been praying for. Allow no naysayer to piss on your endeavors. If you have an idea in mind, act on it! You must strive and survive until you thrive. Keep hope alive! *Jesse Jackson's voice* Corny much? LOL Stay tuned for the synopsis. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease! :D

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  1. Wow!Talk Shit While Broke Crew? I'm not broke. And who would be the pitbull that you are talking about? You are talking about the group as a whole and that would put me in there too.I didn't know you felt this way.Personally I feel that you are a talented writer that is why I support you.Now if you feel ill about that you need to let me know.