Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm a BONA FIED hustlerette

Yes, I'm a new Avon consultant, authoress, book review, and journalist. Things are finally about to look up. I'm loving what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Next Wednesday, I'm going to have my first book signing. Ordering business cards are in the works. I'm just waiting until my 24/7 Avon store is up and running before I place an order through Vista Print. Book flyers are ready. I just have to make more copies. The flyers will be handed out on the day of the event! And my books will be shipped to my address this week! I'll also be conducting a production demonstration on Saturday. Man..I am going to be super DUPER busy! Things are finally looking up and I'm on the brink of epic success! All of this qualifies me as a BONA FIED hustlerette. In the interim, you can check out my novel here, Aziza Publishing

My novel is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million for $13.99. Thanks a bunch!


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