Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Book Review of Valarie Carey's "TOTM (Time of the Month)

Ladies, if you feel cranky, solemn, sad, irritable, grouchy, or depressed during your time of the month, I prescribe Valarie Carey's "TOTM (Time of the Month) It's The Essential Planner for Girls and Women of all Ages. It's the second edition and it runs from June 2011-December 2012.

Valarie isn't a doctor, but she's one of five daughters and she's a mother. She's been menstruating for 26 years and she speaks from personal experience. She advises all women to consult with their physician, mother, sister, grandmother, or aunt. :)

This book contains a calendar, the holidays, as well as cute stickers describing your mood(s) during your Aunt Flow's unwanted presence. lol

When you read this book, it will help you communicate more effectively with your mother and it may help your father and brother(s) understand that Time of The Month. The food and drinks she suggests during your cycle, are very healthy and tasty. Not only does this book helps you understand your Time of the Month better, it gives tips about how to make your time of the month less crampy. Kudos to Valarie!

Copies can be purchased here: AMAZON (Please click the link)


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