Friday, March 26, 2010

"Single Hood"

I was reading an article on the front page of MSN about how to be satisfied with being single. Some of the contents in the article describes me to the core especially the ones about 1.Getting to know yourself 2. Pesky roommates 3. Eating what you want 4. Doing what you want. I've been single forever. It's been a year and some change since I kissed a guy. He was a good kisser, but he wanted to cling onto me like a damn refrigerator magnet. He was an insecured, contradictive, self absorbed, vindictive, manipulative, domineering, promiscuous pussy boy who thought he knew everything. I only knew him for three days..thank goodness. I kicked his ass to the nearest curb I could find. Let's just say..I left him on the curb for the sanitation department truck to pick him up and haul his ass away. We were an uneven match. He had a sordid past and he was only going to clutter my life with all of his bull fuckery. I need a man who understands me and it's hard to find someone who's compatible to you. My friend is one of those women who are hell bent on having a companion. She continues to go back to the same men. Her life is littered with complexity and all sorts of horse feathers. I think she dates innumerous men just to feel valid about herself. She doesn't know whether she's going or coming or coming or going. I think it's due to her not having a father fixture in her life. She's always wailing about being alone and other dumb shit. Her love life is a triangular reality show and I just don't have the ears or tolerence for it. She's a good friend and all but she's also in dire need of love. I can understand her frustrations but I can't totally relate to her because I love being alone. She chooses to indulge in self pity and loneliness while I'm trying to emerge from the bull foolery and mundaness called "My life" I'm too busy pursuing other endeavors while she chooses to reiterate the same fuckery from last year. I haven't eradicated her out of my life because she's a good person. I guess I'll keep her around for the time being..hopefully she'll find some happiness and that's a gigantic MAYBE. I think about getting married and having kids, but if it's not apart of the creator's will, I'll still be content with it. I love being by my lonesome and if it's the only thing that'll keep the tumultuous fuckery out of my life be it :-)

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