Thursday, May 13, 2010

My current situation...

(Sighs)'s been a hot & sunny Florida minute since I last frequented & updated this blog. Sighs...where do I begin...welp...I still haven't published my novel yet; however, I'm on the cusp of being rehired by a former employer of mine. My tenure at this job will be brief just like the last time...I'm only working to espouse my writing career. I have a few contact #'s on deck and as soon as I get my cash up...I'll be phoning folks asap. As long as my father held down the fort..I will compensate him for his 30 years of hard labor. It's a shame how he scratches and scrounges only to makes ends meet. He barks and bitch about his job incessantly. He has to survive off of a measly paycheck. I know first hand how difficult it is to support three people (including himself) off of a meager salary. Well when the time comes, I'll reward him accordingly. I decided to carve alot people out of my life. (Spring Clean) I no longer see the need in hauling dead weight. There are people I choose to acknowledge and there are people I refuse to acknowledge, bottom line. As much as I don't want to regress back into's the only way I'm going to bring my novel into fruition. No one is going to do it except me because this is not only my passion but it's also my livelihood. I know that I'm going to have a stellar writing career. I can already foresee my future...I'm a visionary. I'm not an agented or traditionally published author but I'm already a bestselling author hands down. But I'll leave it at that because...seeing is believing...stay tuned :-)

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