Friday, February 11, 2011

Good News

Greetings new followers! Welcome to my humble writing abode! :D

I had people ask me about the release of my upcoming novel, Ebony the Beloved" and the plot. The snippet of the novel is two posts underneath this post. So, far people have raved about the intensity of the book. I'm just as excited as my readers. And I can't wait to introduce the final copy of my novel. It is destined to be a best selling page turner. I recently hired a publicist and a PR agent for my work. And we'll be working on a press release for me and my novel. I'll be doing local book signings very soon. Right now, I'm finalizing the edits of my novel. I haven't seen the cover art yet, but I should receive it by the conclusion of this month. I'm still working on my 4th ebook, which will be released next week. I've been quite busy, but I promise to keep all of you abreast of the latest developments. I'll be adding a new blog post every week. In the interim, check out my first three ebooks, "My Sherry Amor," "Payback is an S.O.B," and "Lloyd Tube." You can locate them on my time line. You can also follow my fan page, which is also on my time line. I appreciate your continued support, stay blessed.

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