Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On the Rise Magazine Vs Simplicity

*Ahem* For those of you who are aware, I'm a writer for On the Rise Magazin It's an online, Atlanta-based, urban magazine for upcoming acts and authors who are trying to generate more shine for their craft. Anywho, I'm being taunted and subliminally besmirched by a particular reprobate (Who's identity I shall not disclose) because I unfollowed her on Monday. Miniscule much? Yeah, I thought the same thing too LOL! Yep, she's parched for my response but she will have to die from dehydration instead, sorry...NOT! Lol. It goes to show that simpletons will stop at nothing to minimize their relevance and maximize their simplicity. To make a long story short, I was unnerved by her character and her inability to follow simple instructions, such as checking her emails periodically. I mean, how does one who wants to be interviewed, inquires about the interview questions I've sent them practically TWO weeks ago. Keep in mind, I messaged her on Facebook immediately after I've emailed her the interview questions. And her response was, "Ok" or "Thanks" I don't precisely remember. But I DO recount that she was FULLY aware of my message. I mean, come on now! And then she waits nearly two weeks later to tell me that she HASN'T received the questions? Yeah, I'm just as speechless as some of you are. But then again, I emailed my book information to her last month and she hasn't responded to that either, nuff said! I should have unfollowed her sooner! Anywho, I'd like to thank the creator for being my extra set of eyes and messenger, because he hasn't failed me yet.

On a lighter note:

On the Rise Magazine is LITERALLY on the rise and we're not going to stop at just being another online entity. For all of you authors who are making waves in the literary industry but aren't getting the publicity you're entitled too, holla at a sista! Otherwise, keep on pressing, the GREATEST is yet to come, toodle loooo! :-)

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