Monday, July 25, 2011

Rapscallion Alert!! Rapscallion Alert!! Rap scallion Alert!!

First and foremost, I'd like to thank all my fellow blog minions! HOW U ALL DEWIN! *Wendy Williams voice* Anywhore, I recently had a couple of run-ins with a few rapscallions, who assailed me for speaking to Lloyd. Yes, I'm a facetious person and I have every friggin' right to tweet whatever and whenever I friggin' please!

See, this is what happens when you value this Twitter shit more than your own life. If you fit the bill, you are one sad and troubled soul. I mean, who loiters in another person's mentions all day and attacks them when they THINK the person is speaking against one of their favorite celebs. Get a life you, fuckwad! It's my goddamn Twitter! I can tweet whatever the frick I want. So, buzz the fuck off, you shit flies! You don't even know me from a 2 Liter bottle of Pepsi, yet you think you have me pegged lol. Lloyd ain't stuttin' your hobnobbing, door knob slobbing, bobble head bobbing, insecure sobbing asses! Ya'll need to sit your asses in a spider-infested corner, because you're slowing killing off the last bit of smartness you do have. I mean..when you open your stupid holes, you're killing all the butterflies with your hot, stinky, stanky, shit talking, breaths! Put a lid on those sewer holes will ya?! I can't deal and I'm not going to try. I'm just going to show you ass clowns instead. I am from a different tax bracket while you're from the "Talk shit while broke crew" bracket. I have already roasted you in one of my older blogs. I think you need another refresher course.

Perhaps if you trolls take your brains out of your asses, put them back into your hollow heads, and put your heads together, you'd be able to come up with something more worthwhile and dynamic.All of this E-thuggery has gone too doggone far! But all you groupies and potential groupies are going to witness the shock in your beady, fish eyes LOL!

Let me tell you something, real thugs/thuggettes don't make idle Twitter threats, they implement them in person without any announcement. Yep, that's right.I'm not going to reveal the culprits because they're not going to get any shine on my blog.

While you twitter trolls are reprimanding me and Tweeting Lloyd all damn day, you ought to invest in how to improve that wack ass fan club you adore so much. It's people like you cyber gangstresses who make the whole damn DISORGANIZATION look WORSE. Oops, did I say that?! *In my Steve Urkel voice* But you're going to find out before I do.

You're waaaay over you're heads and I'm waaay out of your leagues. You all have the answers under your noses but you're still too SLOW-tarded to smell it! That's because you're afflicted with, "The Mini Yellow School Bus Syndrome."

Yes, "The Mini Yellow School Bus Syndrome" is quite contagious, folks. It even has you talking like Mush Mouth from, "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" Cartoon. The side effects includes and are limited to: Falling victim to the dumb down masses, ripping your hair out of your scalp when Lloyd doesn't tweet you back, foaming out the mouth and going into convulsions whenever someone has an opinion that is contrary to your opinions about Lloyd, losing your bowels and bladder in excitement when Lloyd retweets and/or tweets you back, and crying, and feeling suicidal whenever Lloyd doesn't tweets or retweets you.

Yes, folks these are the symptoms but they are curable. All you need is a daily dose of a reality check and you'll be HEALED! Reality Check is bitter, but it's free, organic, and it's SAFE. My best advice to you would be, to not fall victim to popular stupidity. Because you'll end up like these fuck headed Cyber Thugs/Thuggettes. Twitter thugging is a cyber crime, folks! And when you tweet a lot of bullshit/threats to folks you don't know, you can be jailed! And I'm not speaking about Twitter jail either! Oh and if you Twitter thugs/thuggettes are reading this, this applies to you too. Stay in your lane Twitter crickets or you're going to get SLEDGED HAMMERED! And we all know, that crickets don't have a skeleton. Lmao!

I implore you to stop while you're ahead. Because I got something brewin' for that azz! Rat-a-tat-tat! *Winks* I hope you were entertained while reading this blog, because I was entertained while writing it. Until the next blog post, Toodle-loooo! :-)

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