Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Author Cornelia Smith - "Forever Sistah's Through Tears and Smiles"

Cornelia Smith is a Native of Atlanta, Georgia; she was born on October 4, 1989. While growing up she faced many challenges from living in urban poverty, being raised in a single parent household, and being exposed to traumatic events such as watching her mother get shot and suffer a bullet wound. During these tragic events in Cornelia’s life, her mother enforced that she and her oldest sister move to Jackson, Georgia to be raised by her aunt. As years passed, the author relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Parks Middle School and later graduate from Carver High School. Prior to attending Carver High School, she became a member of the national honor society, Principal’s list and remained in the top ten percent of her class during high school. Upon high school graduation, Cornelia decided to attend Everest College to become a medical assistant. However, the hopes of pursuing a career in nursing changed once she began to realize her ambitions for writing novels. As a result, she chose to pursue a career in writing and in less than two years she has developed ways to express the art of writing. Now Cornelia is on the rise of publishing her first Novel entitled “Forever Sistah’s”. She has persevered continuously and even won song writing contests, has a demo published, and is diligently working towards implementing a book club. About the book: Five women, each with her own dilemma… Each sister feels alone, facing life struggles with no support. Rhonda is tired of being lonely. London is weak from so many ‘noes’ and fears her dreams will never become reality. When it comes to her man, it is Terry against the world. Candy wants out of the fast life and begins a new one, only to have her past demons follow her. Keshia prays for a better life after a lifetime of pain and struggles, but will the blessing come a gift or a curse? All five sisters seek a cure for past and present hurts while striving to rebuild their sisterly bond. Witness how they overcome the challenges they face in Forever Sistah's Through Tears and Smiles! Check out the book trailer and how you can purchase the book below

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