Monday, March 17, 2014

Definition of a NIGNORANT STANK HO - Linda "Fake Ass Queen of Radio" Evans

Again, ya'll need to watch out for this STANK HO named, Linda Evans. Off with her half-permed, shaved-bird looking decomposed teeth, cock-eyed, animal abuser, deformed eye-brows having ass head. I had to repost this because the bull fuckery is insane and the bullshit is perpetual. Unlike her, no one does it better than a true writer, who's got more followers on her blog than Linda "Fake Ass Queen of Radio" Evans has on her show. I'm just saying. Leave it to the true careerists, hon. She never had a career because it was always a figment of her pathetic imagination. TRUE Queens never have to collect cans to pay their bills nor sleep with their "best friends" to pay their bills. Oh, and as for her dog, Shera, I hope the Illinois Humane Society confiscated her from Linda's trifling "bathe in a dish pan that's inside of a trash can" ass because that poor dog had a lump on the side of her neck that was bigger than Linda's entire radio career. Then she uses marketing gimmicks to keep folks tuning in to her punk ass amateur radio show. She barely spends enough time social networking, but she's got the UMEMPLOYED NIGGA-DACITY and WHORE-DACITY to beg listeners to join her mickey mouse ass birthday club. This poor woman talks a bunch of "Keeping it Real" talk when she's too afraid to travel back to Chicago or better yet, GET A GODDAMN REAL JOB! Those Chicago goons have this broad shaking in her gnawed up ass sandals, lol. Girl, when are you gonna learn that Blog Talk Radio isn't gonna make you rich? You gotta have a track record in order to remotely be considered for a NATIONAL TV show. Hell, all you know is internet radio and that shit is owned by "Get Up Radio" which is owned by your rinky dinky stinky sponsor. Your radio show is NOT your show, boo. Now, when you get your own show on a bigger radio platform and a brand, HOLLA WHEN YOU FEEL ME, HO! Because a cheap looking ass website does not make you a brand AT ALL. See, if you were humbled, you wouldn't have to beg listeners for show ideas and shit. Hell, you had me on your team until you showed your STANK ass. What goes around, comes around, beeotch! I'd like to say bon voyage to your "never was" career but "never was" is a DEAD-giveaway. Like the skit on Dave Chappelle's Show said "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" LMAO!!

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