Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fake Ass Queen of Radio WANNA-BE Evans, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!

Hey, bed wench! Yes, you. If you're planning to come for me, you better come with ALL the facts because, bitch I have plenty of dirt on you to BURY you in it. Sure, I lived with you in that raggedy ass house you called a home and you don't think I don't know you were NEVER engaged because it was and it's STILL a cover up for you using your so-called white master daddy Kevin. So, when you come for me just present the facts and nothing but the facts, dig? Because when I ultimately blast your ass, your deceased mother will feel my wrath as well. Yeah, I mentioned your mother. Who else did you inherit your fucked up ways from? Yeah..I thought so, ho. You're a so-called big shot on INTERNET radio but the people who know who you really are know that you're an opportunistic dog beating cantankerous old bed wench! You talk the talk but you're financially and physically unable to walk the walk. Stay tuned for some more "exposure"! And by the way, you can blast me all you want because I am building an empire and I welcome ALL the exposure, good or bad! So, go ahead and fatten my pocketbook because you'se still a broke ho. With your "I can't come up with an innovative radio show topic to save my pappy's life" and "I used to suck Kevin's dick to pay my bills" ass. Girl, bye! LOL

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