Thursday, November 27, 2014


So here's the thing...and this post is for the black folks! You're want America to honor the enslavement, demise, and lynching of our people in AmeriKKKa're willing to honor a HELL-A-DAY called Thanks KILLING where Native Americans where raped, butchered, and robbed of their land? Smells like contradiction to me. You should be giving thanks EVERYDAY, and since your black asses wanna boycott these major corporations due to the Ferguson verdict, why not boycott Black Friday because of the demise of Native Americans as well? I mean, you don't mind shoving that greasy turkey leg down your throat at the expense of Native Americans, right? But you're willing to boycott, loot, and vandalize shit because of what happened to this young man? Don't get me wrong; I know the judicial system is fucked up but I still don't understand why you people are surprised about the verdict. This shit has been going on for DECADES and it won't stop anytime soon. Therefore, boycotting major corporations for two little bitty ass days will NOT take money out of these devil's pockets. If it wasn't for that verdict being rendered this week, ya'll know damn well you'd have your asses standing in those long queues at Walmart, Target, Toy-R-US to buy shit you know you're more than likely going to return when you fall short your bills. Next year, you clowns will be standing in line waiting to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones and it would like that boy's life never mattered. FUCK OUTTA HERE! Notice the verdict was rendered on the SAME week of Black Friday? Now marinate on that and oh, Happy THANKS KILLING! I'm out.

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