Monday, January 18, 2016

The Pro-Black Movement is Against Black Women

Hello, readers

I've been inclined to post and during my hibernation, I have spent time reflecting and working on personal matters. I haven't blogged as much because honestly, I have not had much to say and I have been thinking about starting a brand new blog that is centered around gay rights, women's rights, and feminism. I used to be a resident of Self-Hate City aka the Hebrew Israelite movement and the rest of the pseudo black liberation movement. Impending motherhood and consorting with empowered women have helped me change my state of thinking. I have no plans to subjugate my daughter other than to teach her to be her own woman. The pro-black movement is nothing more than a chocolate coated white supremacist society that only panders to the advantages of black men's liberation and it disregards black women and their struggles. Black women who are part of this group need to learn how to protect themselves and each other than relying on these sorry misogynistic black males to save them. These rabid misogynists only want to silence black women who debunk their distorted narratives about white supremacy, black women, and feminism. To keep this post short, I will be launching a new blog discussing a host of topics centered around feminism, intersection, and most of all, black patriarchy. I will also be releasing a new book exposing more of these lames and their faux cause. I've been out of commission for quite a while, but that indicates I'm just getting started. I am not sure if I will keep this blog up or not, but I will say that I've had this blog since 2010 and I can see much I've evolved in the last five years. To the pro-black males and mammies, beware because there's a new vigilante in town and her name is Hannah and they call her the COONTEP Agitator! Coming soon, bitches.

P.S. I'll be sharing the link to my new blog in a future post when I come up with a new name. Unlike these armchair revolutionaries, this isn't a social media movement, it's a lifestyle.


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