Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Review of Ashea Goldson's "Count it all Joy"

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I'm back with another book review. It has taken me a few days to read Ashea's, Count it all Joy." It consists of a newly wed couple, Joshua and Alex Bennings. Joshua is a Minister and an accountant. This is his second marriage and he has a daughter from his previous marriage. Joshua has aspirations of starting his own church while Alex wants to adopt a Kenyan boy named, Kaino. With mounting debt that was accrued by his late wife Delilah, it drives a strain into their marriage, making the adoption nearly impossible. Besides that, Alex and Joshua are trying to have another baby, which is intertwined with a secret that nearly destroyed their relationship prior to marriage. Not only is Joshua desperate to impregnate Alex, but he does the unthinkable. If the Benning's financial and marital woes aren't frustrating enough, add Joshua's controlling mother, Mrs. Benning to the equation. Not only does she not care for Alex, but she's determined to make Joshua shut down his own dreams to pastor his ailing father's church. Author Ashea Golden shows how a couple that has so much plight hanging over their shoulders still manage to overcome adversities. The moral of the story is, the creator will never give anything you can't handle.

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