Monday, December 5, 2011


(blackmediaSCOOP) SMDH! Cops say a mother and her live-in boyfriend would blow marijuana smoke in their baby’s face to make her stop crying and put her to sleep!

The woman and her live-in boyfriend have both been charged with causing fatal injuries to her toddler, who died Monday after the couple had been jailed on suspicion of severely abusing the girl.

27 year old Trevor Reid Swanson, seen below, was also charged with murder related to the killing of 2-year-old Nalaya Jordan. Her mother, 21 year old Tkeyah Jordan, was booked with Swanson into Washoe County Jail on charges of child abuse causing substantial injuries, child neglect and domestic battery causing substantial injuries.

Nalaya was hospitalized Nov. 22 after she had trouble breathing and went into full cardiac arrest, Reno police said. Investigators said she had numerous injuries including bleeding on the brain; retinal hemorrhaging; bruises; a burn on her face; ruptured liver and spleen; and healing fractures to her bones. OMG!

Stewart and Jordan allegedly told police the girl’s injuries were related to a fall from her crib Nov. 21. Court documents filed in Reno Justice Court described the baby’s short life: Her mother and her boyfriend blew marijuana smoke in her face to make her sleep, and if Nalaya “whined,” it triggered abuse from her caretakers, who told investigators they tried to self-medicate her injuries for fear the police would investigate them for child abuse.

Swanson and Jordan said they used marijuana daily and methamphetamine multiple times during the week, their arrest affidavit said. On Nov. 21, Jordan was sleeping because of meth use, and Swanson was watching the girl, authorities said.

Swanson allegedly told police that he was irritated with the baby’s crying and he picked her up and shook her to make her stop. He then allegedly struck her across the hip with a belt.

“…According to Tkeyah, Trevor became more and more violent over the last week or so, currently striking Nalaya in the face on almost a daily basis,” the affidavit said. “She said Nalaya’s whining was a trigger for both of them, but she did not approve of how Trevor was always hitting Nalaya. Tkeyah admitted her own faults as well, saying she will also strike Nalaya in the face on occasion … and further admits to spanking Nalayah hard enough it left a bruise on her buttocks.”

Lt. Mohammad Rafaqat said when Nalaya was hospitalized, she was near death and placed on life support. He said investigators suspect she had been abused for the past several months of her life.

Cited here: Black Media Scoop

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