Thursday, December 15, 2011


(blackmediaSCOOP) The teen who was shown in an Internet video being spanked by his uncle after the teen was caught boasting about his gang ties on his Facebook page was found shot to death in New Orleans. 16 year old Michael Taylor, was shot and killed on Dec. 7.

Taylor’s mother, Kimberly Ward, says she kept strict tabs on her son, even making him stay on the sidewalk in eyesight of their home when he went outside. The night of the shooting, she said, Taylor received a text message from a friend at about 8 p.m. and went outside to chat.

“She said she called him back inside a few minutes later to find out what was going on, and he told her he was just talking and went back outside. A few minutes later, her daughter received a text message saying that Taylor had been shot, and then another saying he was dead,” the newspaper reported.

She cited a couple of incidents that she said might have led someone to come after her son, but in each case, Ward maintained her son had been the victim of a misunderstanding or was targeted because of his connection to others who may have instigated a dispute.

She also said Taylor recently took a photo with a friend that was posted on Facebook, that the friend had been involved in an ongoing dispute with an Algiers group and that someone recently threatened Taylor when she took him to the mall recently.

Ward told the newspaper she believed her son’s friends, not his actions, led to his death. “He was guilty by association,” she said. In a video uploaded in January, Taylor’s uncle took a belt and spanked the boy after finding out about his gang ties.

I guess you can say it was the whipping heard around the world because the video went viral. A number of people wanted Taylor’s uncle prosecuted.

Before Taylor’s uncle started to hit Michael, he looked into the camera and told parents and people to stop “all these senseless crimes” and gang banging. In his profanity-laced tirade, the uncle went on to say that his nephew was not a gangbanger and didn’t come from a family that believed in gangs.

He also made Michael look into the camera and tell people on Facebook that he was not involved in gangs. His uncle then told him that the whipping he was going to give him wasn’t fake. He then proceeded to spank Taylor in full view of the laptop camera.

After the whipping, he told his nephew to “Facebook that!”

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