Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Virtual Assistants, Indie Authors, & Indie Artists, PLEASE BEWARE OF IMPRECIOUS ENT

Now, some of you know I haven't exposed a reprobate in a while and some of you already know I don't take kindly to people who agree on something and then renege on the deal by ignoring phone calls, text messages, tweets, or emails. Especially when they owe you money. I'm going to keep this as simple and to the point, if you're an artist or virtual assistant who's looking for a virtual gig or representation, I implore you to steer clear of Impreciousent. She makes agreements she doesn't intend to convey; she's unethical, irresponsible, unorganized, and she has no conscience. I've contacted this woman several times and the most she did was email me and return my a few of my text messages. Otherwise, I haven't heard from her since last Monday and she agreed to pay me last week and she still haven't. We're well into THREE weeks and I still haven't gotten my money from her. I believe she's avoiding me just so she doesn't have to worry about compensating me for my services. Well, she's totally mistaken because I will continue exposing her until she pays me what she owes me and what she agreed to. To me, when you agree to pay someone and you blow them off or ignore them, you're no different from a common THIEF! I'm sure if she can pay these pulpit pimps 10 percent of her earnings every Sunday, she can pay her debt to me, which is much less than $100.00. Come on now. When I exhaust every communication with a person several times and they don't respond after the first few times, that is like them saying "FUCK YOU!" to my face and that will NEVER take off and fly with me. DO NOT do any business with this woman! You heard it first from Bossladywriter. Peace! Bossladywriter

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