Monday, December 23, 2013

Queen of Radio My Ass!

I don't know why folks don't wanna give credit to where it's due and they wanna blow smoke up their ass and call it hickory bbq with jalapeno flavor. This so-called queen of radio knows if it wasn't for me, she wouldn't have the little itty bitty buzz she has now. After being on Blog Talk Radio for six years and having the infamous Larry Sinclair as a guest on her show this year is the best she EVER did in her "career". The show is still buzzing off the strength of me because she had no idea who the hell Larry Sinclair was. Queen of Radio my ass! Girl, you don't even have a track record, so who the hell is biting your style? You've been living in a shack for two years and you leach off your "best friend" to help you pay your bills, withcho' broke ass. Where's your TV show that's supposed to be coming to Rockford? Don't worry I'll wait. *Crickets* LOL

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