Monday, December 23, 2013

The Reasons Why Christmas is Bullshit

If you Christians think Halloween is the biggest whore to celebrate, wait until your favorite and highly revered Christmas holiday graces you with its presence in two days. I mean, come on, folks you and your family (especially children) are worshiping a mythological obese white bastard who's adorned in a red and white suit, who derives from a man who went around slaughtering people who were naughty and spared the ones who were nice. That's right, those pretty Christmas ornaments you dress your tree with resemble testicles but they're really a representation of people who were beheaded. Sure, go ahead and call me a crass scrooge and a Debbie Downer Bitch for dropping this truth like missile bombs in Afghanistan. And if you don't like it, shove it in your stocking cap. Do the research for yourself because many of you who celebrate this shit are afraid of what you'll find if you did your research. Hell, plenty of you know that Christmas is hellish bullshit but you still don't care. That alone says a lot about you. (Shrugging) Any who, HO! HO! HO! Merry Whorish Hell-a-day! lol Bossladywriter

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