Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ain't it Funny

It's funny when folks find you irrelevant, but they STILL view your blog. Now, the last time I remember, I emailed this so-called editor a few months ago. I haven't heard from this chick...since...NEVER! That's until I practically chased her around on Twitter. Once I got a hold of her, things were ok.....for a while. That is until.......I found out the kind of person she truly is. And I'm not the only who had to chase her down. TRUST! But it is what it is (In my Wendy Williams voice) All right, Ms. Randolph. I'll give you "full" credit: I'm an irrelevant, hilarious, negative Nancy who has nothing better to do except "slander" your "good name"
(Commits Seppuku).......Sunrise: 12/20/1983 Sunset: 09/21/2011.


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