Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BOOK MARKETING FOR SOCIAL MEDIA-Written by Kisha Green. Thanks for the approval, Kisha!

Whether an author is self-published or a household name, social media (sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs) work great for book promotion.

Many authors use Facebook to connect with their readers and to advertise their books, as Facebook offers many options from fan pages to paid advertising and even apps. There are many other social media services that work just as well. Children’s books, YA books, mainstream fiction, poetry, cookbooks, textbooks… Social media can be used for marketing all kinds of books. It is particularly useful for self-published authors with limited marketing budgets, but it is important to understand how social media works. It is all about opt-in and boring marketing approaches will be ignored. “Viral book marketing” is more than just uploading a promo video on YouTube!

Social media can be used for conducting marketing research. It is also great for networking. Besides fans and potential readers an author or their representative can connect with bookstores, agents, journalists, bloggers, TV producers and many other useful opportunities.

Authors can benefit from social media in other ways besides just boosting sales. They can connect with other authors (and experts whose knowledge they can use when researching new books) and get ideas for new books, valuable feedback and a better idea of their audience.

The most important rule of social media is: be human and be yourself. People don’t want to “friend” a marketing campaign, they want to connect with a real person and many at least hope for the occasional two-way communication


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