Thursday, September 8, 2011

Editor Brandie Randolph is a Flipping THIEF!!!!! AUTHORS, EDITORS, AND PUBLISHERS PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!!

Hide your wallet, hide your purse, cuz' Brandie's robbing everybody! *In my Antoine Dobson voice.* Brandie Randolph is an editor who's now garnering a bad reputation for stealing money from authors, editors, AND publishers. She is the founder and owner of Editing Coutour. A close friend of mind told me that there was a pending lawsuit involving Brandie. I've witnessed another author/editor openly reprove Brandie for using him as an editing reference, after she stole his money. Another author told me that Brandie referred her to a PR person, who she doesn't know at all. Brandie even charged the woman bookoo money for her services. When I conversed with Brandie over the phone a few months ago, I knew there was something about her that disturbed my bowels. I surmise I'm a good judge of character after all. Long story short, she lacks scruples and work ethics. Brandie usually consorts with literary big wigs while gypping rising literary talents/agencies out of their money. Authors, I implore you to do a thorough background check on the editors, publicists, and publishing houses you approach. The last you thing you need, is someone swindling you out your hard earned capital. Self/Indie publishing requires work and money. Therefore, you want to CAREFULLY invest your money into the people you employ as well. Although, it appears that I'm promoting Brandie, but I'm really debunking her for her wicked doings and depraved character. The literary business is a cut throat industry and literary heads have to be wary of the company they acquire. I was hesitant about disclosing her name, but hell, aspiring authors, editors, and publishers should be warned about this fleecer! She snakes her way up the ladder and she'll stop at nothing to achieve it. She's an infiltrator and a goddamn perpetrator! Don't let her honey-like voice and velvet demeanor fool you. She's underhanded AND arrogant. I know of a few reputable editors I can refer to you. So please, stay the hell away from that delirious twat and guard your purses and wallets! Don't fall prey to Brandie "Thievin' Ass" Randolph!! Please share this post! Oh and Carolyn Hall, C'Lee + 3 owner, will be exposed on my next blog post. Stay tuned.



  1. You do know that slander is a criminal AND civil offense in court, right? What I find interesting about this post is that you sound like a bitter baby mama. Also, from the looks of this post, you could definitely use Editing Couture's editing services yourself. I really hope you didn't waste publishing space with your grammatical imprecision and put this type of bullshit into a book. I've known Brandie for a couple of years and a thief she is not. Have you thought to research the full details of situations before you speak on them, or are you one of those follower ass people who run with anything anyone tells them. If these "gypped" (lmao) authors write anything like you, the editing work will only help the manuscripts so much. You can't even organize your thoughts and spell simple words; I can only imagine what your "book" looks like on the inside. Yes, I said that. Quote me and make sure you spell my name right. Kenya Mack, President/Couture Editor. -- Now, I must get back to my editing duties and mind my own business. You should follow suit, and pick up a dictionary on your way to do so. Put your hoodrat mic down please. :)

  2. I'm sure you'll delete my comment. That's what e-thugs that need hugs do. Quite frankly, I don't give the slightest of fucks what you do. I just wanted to plant a seed of wisdom for you. You've got gonads enough to put somebody's name, but you can't spell. Such a tragedy. ;-)