Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Introducing Shakara Cannon's Novel "This Can't Be Life"

Hey, folks!

I hope all you had a groovy-tastic weekend, because I did. :-). Anywho...I just concluded Shakara Cannon's Novel "This Can't Be Life" and let me tell you, I couldn't put it down. Yas, it was that groovy-tastic. Ya see, it's about three friends name, Stacey (Who's a gay male), Talise, and Simone. These three friends experience every emotional roller coaster in the world. Stacey is a hair stylist who's had his heart trampled on too many times, until he meets power house, Tyron Marks, who's the owner of a fortune 500 company. Stacey is reluctant to give his heart to Tyron, but once Tyron showers Stacey with lavish gifts, money, and his "undivided attention", Stacey gets hooked and he falls hard for Tyron. Let's just say, Stacey's vulnerability, discovery, and, emotions lead to harrowing devastation. And as for Talise, she's an enterprising woman who meets a strapping doctor during one of the most saddest times of her life. Who said you can't find love during the most awkward times of your life. Now, Simone..whew! Home girl has gone through more storms than you can stake a stick at. Her volatile relationship with her previous boyfriend has changed her perspective about relationships in general. That is until she meets a notable foot ball player name, Deon, who also has his own doses of heartaches and heart breaks. Well, Simone thinks her problems are over until she meets Platinum rapper, Carlton Banks. Carlton may scrumptious on the eyes and a connoisseur between the sheets, but his skeletons are eager to bolt through the closet. And not only that, Simone endures a child hood nightmare that haunts her. Talise, Simone, and Stacey have their ups and downs, but their bond is tighter than Nicki Minaj's leggings. But on a serious note, they're inseparable and when one of them is hurting, all of them are hurting. Now, that's what I call..family. Shakara's descriptive writing style, illustrates a vivid picture of the personalities, sexualities, notoriety, and relationships of all the characters in this riveting tale. I'm speaking about sadness, happiness, madness, and humor galore. There wasn't an emotion that was untapped inside of me while reading this book. It's like you're actually inside of the book with the characters or you're watching moving pictures (in black in white). I'd like to thank Author, Shakara Cannon for sharing her book and her gift with me. I cajole all of you to show her your support. Her book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

You can also find her website: http://www.shakaracannon.com/and Facebook. Thanks a bunch! :-)

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