Monday, September 26, 2011

Juanita "Jezebella" Bynum

Do you guys remember Juanita Bynum? LOL! I almost forgot about her! After she was publicly humiliated by her then husband, Bishop Eddie Weekes, a few years ago, she's been "Incognegra" not that I condone domestic violence, because I'm totally against it. I just find it comical that a pulpit vulture such as Juanita "Jezebella" Bynum, still manages to thrive LAVISHLY off her followers after she splurged millions of dollars on her extravagant wedding and spent $600.00 on a funky ass writing utensil. Not that I'm singling her out, because there's a horde of pulpit vultures like her. I'm just making an observation. And let's not forget about her lengthy Repunzel hair extensions and plastic surgeries. Here you people are, handing this woman all of your money and you're on the brink of pauper-hood. Do you really think she and the rest of the pimps and pimpettes give a damn about your problems? Just continue sowing a seed (Feeding her pocket book) and watch your blessings fall out of the sky and into your lap. (Sardonically chuckling). But hey, how one can wholly blame this Procuress when they're allowing her to tickle their ears. Hell, it's a recession. She's got to get in where ever she fits in! Even if she has to pimp domestic violence organizations and domestic violence victims. I have a question for you Juanita "Jezebella" Bynum, did you sell your $600.00 pen to compensate your lawyer after your husband flogged you? (Sipping tea and filing my finger nails, while patiently awaiting your response)

Now, this calls for Three-Six Mafia's "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" I dedicate this song to you, Juanita "Jezebella" Bynum and all the other pimps and whores in the WOOORRLLD!

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