Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Getting By

As I sit on my bed while pensive, I try to figure out whether or not my life will ever be comprehensive

As I ride on the wagon called “Time” I sort through my pockets in hopes of retrieving a dime.

As I walk through the black tunnel of uncertainty that is hollow, I know I can count on the voice of my savior who I love, honor, and follow.

As I mark the days on the calendar, I have days that are blue, not knowing what to do. But I know there are days that awaits me that will be more beautiful than the color lavender.

As I ascend high into the sky like a feather , the gravity of regression will tug on my ankles while depression attempts to wash over me like a rainy weather.

I’m just getting by, but my dreams are too robust to wither up and die. I may ball up and cry but I still fight my plight with all of my might. The jaws of success will gulp down my plight and it will fall and splatter, too small to even matter.

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