Monday, September 12, 2011

My Day at The Avon Function

Greetings, folks!!!!!

My Saturday went GROOVY-TASTIC! I managed to sell a copy of my novel, while handing out flyers. Yas! I'm approaching strangers as I meander the communities. Carnival Cruise currently has a promotion that includes a one-time port tax fee of $59.00. A dear cohort of mine, who works for Carnival Cruise, informed me about the special last night. It's a round trip to The Bahamas and amenities are included. I'm going to take advantage of that because it will be a great vehicle to promote my novel. Let me tell ya, I'm spreading the word everywhere I go including-- grocery stores, shuttle buses, trains, colleges, errrrrrwhere, YA HEARD! I'm handing out flyers & spreading the message like a wild grass fire that was caused by 200 degree sweltering HEAT! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS! So if you haven't received your copy yet, purchase it today on Amazon :-)

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