Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Internet Crush

I've been trying to find my internet crush for a while now. When discovered him on Youtube last month, let me tell ya, I was like, "Who is this fine piece of specimen?" Of course, Lloyd is my celebrity crush, but this guy Melek Benji, is haaaaaaandsome. He's a conscious Hebrew Israelite rapper and he's cute! ^_^. Ok... enough rambling, I found him on Facebook and Twitter, but I was a little disappointed when he closed both accounts. I'd love to speak to him to see what kind of person he really is. I'm not only drawn by a man's looks, but also his intelligence and the way he treats women. Melek isn't much of an internet person, because when I viewed his Youtube account, I noticed he hasn't logged on for a month now. I know I sound like a cyber stalker, but dang..can a woman get credit for pursuing her crush?! Keep in mind, I'm not a pursuer, but's easier done over the internet than in person. I normally don't chase guys, I let them chase me. However, if I was in the same room with Melek Benji, I'd be a glob of nerves! LMAO! Any who, I'm not looking for a relationship. I just want to keep in touch with him! If any of you personally know Melek Benji, tell him Author Hannah D. Spivey said hiiiiiiiiiiiiii (In my Mrs Pearly voice) LOL! Here's the video to the song he recorded called, "Blasphemer."

SN: He's the fella who's donning the black baseball cap and locs.

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