Friday, September 16, 2011

Romantic Silence

I'm enclosed in a silent room. There's no sound except for the base in my chest going, "Boom boom."

Silence has me so surrounded that I'm too relaxed to be astounded. I welcome silence with open arms and it romanticizes me with all of it's charms. Man o' man, Silence has a sweet and sexy scent that is so powerful, it makes all sounds relent.

Silence is kissing my lips and ears and it's scaring away all of my fears. Goodness gracious, I never felt this way in all of my 27 years. Now, Silence is traveling down to my area, influencing my hormones with hysteria.

My eyes are clenched and my body can't flinch. Ooh la la, Silence, you're the emperor of my soul and the occupant of my love hole. The eargasmic and orgasmic way you make me feel, I'm pinching my skin to make sure that all of this real.

You are my addiction. And you and I both know this is a fact, not fiction. You have deconstructed every noise barrier making my life a lot merrier. Please don't go, you're the only the one who makes my spirit glow. Can you stay a little while longer? I'm enamoured by your touch, love, and scent. I wouldn't trade any of it for a sound event.


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