Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Street Promotions

Good evening, folks

*Ahem* I decided that I'm going to promote my book at the malls, shopping plazas, universities, any place that allows me to solicit strangers about my novel. I signings are cool, but why wait when you can create your own unofficial book signings. JM Benjamin is a best selling author, who sells his books on the streets and he's rapidly climbing the bookseller's charts. I said..hmmm..if he can make a killing doing that, I know I can do the same thing. I even read an article about an author who netted $120,000 strictly from selling books on the Subway in New York. Selling out books while on the streets, sounds like it's sporadic, but it really isn't. You just have to be committed. Rejections are apart of the territory. You just have to keep one foot ahead of the other, and PROMOTE! If you adore what you do, rejections will bounce off you like a quarter. Today has given me so much encouragement. I am going to promote my book anywhere I see a prospect fan. Direct selling sounds nightmarish, but it really isn't. The worst thing someone can say is, "No" so with that being said, use those "No's" as your motivators. Not everyone is going to like what you do, regardless of what it is. So, LET'S GIT ER DONE, WRITERS! :-)


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