Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Are Infamous NOT Famous

All I'm going to say is, this "editor" doesn't have enough magnanimity to express her rebuttals on her own website. Of course some of you already know who I'm alluding to. Any who, she accuses of me making her "famous" no, my dear, I'm not making you famous, because you've made yourself INFAMOUS. There's a difference. You may be famous in a sense but the community is talking. I seldom say anything about someone that isn't true. And I for one, have enough decency and civility to express my personal thoughts on MY blog, not in an open literary group. But you're welcome to stand on your soap box and collect all public sympathy you want, but you remember this, the creator isn't mocked. So continue putting your vagina on a pedestal, smelling yourself, and singing your negro spiritual. You're the one who's still dragging this issue, because you know it's true. All I'm doing is protracting it on MY blog. And let me ask you this, if you find me so "irrelevant", why do you continue following my blog? LOL! Better yet, you don't have to answer that question. I'd be delighted to answer that for ya, dear. The reason you follow my blog is because 1.) Since I haven't consorted with you in over five months, you still give a shit about what I have to say. Even after you had subliminally denounced me in that literary group. LOL. 2.) You met someone who is unafraid to expose the foul putrid shadiness that you exude as an editor. And you know the truth is devouring your soul like a flesh eating bacteria. You don't have to voice it because your actions speak for their self lol. If anything, you should try to quash the matter that's encircling your reputation and purify your soul of the evilness, thievery, whoredom, and opportunism that has put you this predicament in the first place. LOL! My heart doesn't bleed for you, but my ASS does. Whatever issue I have with a person, I openly express it here. I don't have time e-thugging in people's inboxes and hurling "threats" at them all day. So, I suggest you apologize to the people you raped (Which you won't) because at the end of the day, we ALL are aware of our faults, and the truth shall prevail. And I know the smile you're wearing isn't a genuine one. I digress....:-)


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