Friday, September 16, 2011

You got to be frickin' kiddin' me!!!!!!

What is with fans who get celebrity tattoos? I mean, whatever tickles your fan, but are you frickin' kiddin' me?! Example: A few chicks are wearing tattoos of the singer Lloyd on their bodies. Is it really that damn serious? I suppose it is! lol. Do they REALLY think this man is going to return the favor? LMAOOO! Chile, please (Files finger nails and sips tea). The bullshit is abounding and people's intelligence are dwindling rapidly! There are some things you shouldn't do and this fits the bill.I love myself some Lloyd, but I'd be damn that I'm going to get any tattoo portraits of this man's face tattooed on my body. Doesn't these broads realize that once you get a tattoo, it's PERMANENT. Have they ever heard of the slogan, "Think Before You Ink?" G-whiz. They don't have the sense that the creator gave to a mosquito. How the hell will they be able to explicate to their future boyfriends/husbands that they're wearing another man's name on their bodies! Dumb arses! See, the only ink I was smart enough to get, was Lloyd's name in my BOOK! Which is available on Amazon. Take copious notes, ass hats! lol SMDH


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