Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ebony in High School

I've had the pleasures to speak at FIVE colleges. I must say the experience was pleasurable and I will be speaking at MANY more colleges and universities. Next, I'll be speaking at high schools. Many high school officials may be reluctant about allowing me to speak to their students about my book because of the profanity and explicit content.

Well, kids today are exposed to all sorts of things. They're having babies before they're old enough to drive and vote. Therefore, the contents of my book will not influence them to do the wrong things, except help them overcome the challenges they're combating. "Ebony the Beloved" isn't your typical urban lit book; it's a realistic, fiction help guide. I had one parent purchase a copy of my book for her 16 year old daughter. Besides, kids today wear tattoos before they're 18. Who says I have to read the profanity-filled passages to the underagers anyway.

I will be contacting high schools for the first time, and if the principles agree to have me speak at their high school about the book, I'll let all of you know, of course. It may be difficult securing speaking venues at high schools at first, but it isn't impossible. Stay tuned, readers and readerettes!


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